Red Ribbon Week

“Caring for Yourself” Red Ribbon Week Activities

October 17, Monday: Put a cap on drugs – wear a hat! 

October 18, Tuesday: Show you care about healthy living – wear red!

October 19, Wednesday: Be active – wear your favorite athletic and sportswear!

October 20, Thursday: Put a sock on drugs – wear your Angling Road or other fun socks! 

October 21, Friday: Get in the spirit of positive choices – wear your Angling Road school spirit wear!

Portage Public Schools Flu-Shot Clinic

October 20, Angling Road Elementary School 4:00-6:00pm

Other Portage Public Schools Flu-Shot Clinics (Click Here)


Supply List by Grade Level

Kindergarten School Supply List
1st Grade School Supply List
2nd Grade School Supply List
3rd Grade School Supply List
4th Grade School Supply List
5th Grade School Supply List



Updated Curriculum 21/22
The current version of the 21/22 Programs of Studies




Keeping Our CREW Healthy Information 2020-2021

Amazing Angling Road School Families,

As we begin a new school year, we are extra mindful of student, staff, and family health.  Throughout the summer, our Angling Road Return to Learn Team met to brainstorm new procedures that align with Michigan’s Road Map to Returning to School, PPS District Guidelines, and CDC Guidelines.  Below is a chart with helpful information about building procedures and changes that have been made for the health of our students, staff, and families.  Please note the ++’s, as this symbol implies changes in our procedures from previous years.  Thank you for your never-wavering support, patience, and understanding as we implement new procedures and strengthen our existing ones.  ~Ms. Yankovich

Top Priorities for Families:
  • Store our important numbers in your cell phones:
    • Main Office:  323-6000
    • Mrs. Burns:  323-6061
    • Mrs. Erhardt:  323-6059
    • Ms. Yankovich:  323-6055
    • Mrs. Rosecrans – Engagement Specialist  323-6018
  • Update Skyward Email and Emergency Contact Information
  • Create a 8 ½ x10ish sign with your child’s name and grade for student pick up.
  • Complete forms needing information updates and signatures by Thursday, September 3rd.


Procedure: Information:
Allergies Food Allergies:

  • For the health and safety of all students, we ask that students bring individual snacks this year.  For those families that are able to provide extra snacks to those without, we thank you for your generosity and ask that the snacks be in individual packaging.  The list can be found here:  District Approved Safe Snack List
  • Angling Road is a Latex Free Zone — please do not send balloons.
++Arrival and Dismissal Car Riders:  

    • We encourage families to drop children off at school if at all possible to allow for greater social distancing on the buses.
    • Only the “Flow and Go” line will be used to drop students off and pick students up. Our lobby will be closed.
  • For Arrival:  
      • To manage our increased traffic flow safely, we encourage families to  enter the flow and go line from Angling Road, rather than Vincent.  This will be safer around our corner.
  • The Flow and Go Line has been extended this year to our 5th grade doors.  Families should pull up as far forward as they can, let children out on the sidewalk side, and safely exit the Flow and Go Line to allow for space for other cars to pull forward.
  • Children should wear masks and enter the door closest to their car, socially distance and follow the signage or get adult help when inside the building. They  should  head directly to their classrooms to wash hands and/or head  to breakfast.
    •  For Dismissal:
  • We ask families  to put a 8 ½ x10 size sheet of paper with your child’s name and grade level.  Here is a great example:  Sample Name Sign for Student Pick Up
  • We ask for patience as we will be trying a new system this year.
  • Please have your pickup designee have their ID ready to show staff members in the flow and go line. If we are unable to verify or identify pickup designee with our records, they will be asked to pull into a parking spot for further verification.

Bus Riders:

  • Prior to leaving the house, families should take temperatures and complete the Daily Student Screening Checklist.
  • Students will enter the bus with a mask, sanitize hands, and sit socially distanced apart per the bus driver’s directions.
  • When buses arrive, students will be dismissed one bus at a time and socially distance while entering the building.
  • Students will head directly to their classrooms or to breakfast.


  • Breakfast starts at 8:10 and ends by the first bell at 8:30.
  • Students will sit in designated seats.
  • Once finished students will put on their mask, then travel  to class, maintaining social distance in hallways at all times.
++Available Space to Spread Out We will provide additional indoor and outdoor spaces for students and classrooms to be able to spread out for more social distancing opportunities and mask breaks.
++Backpack Tags Students should be receiving Backpack Tags in the mail this week.  Please write your child’s bus number on the tag and help him/her tie it on his/her backpack for the 1st day of school.
++Bathrooms K-2 Students will use classroom bathrooms that will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular routine.  3-5 students will use the group bathrooms, using social distancing protocols and while wearing masks.
Birthday Invitations and PPS Birthday Celebration Policy
  • Birthday Invitations:
    • In order to ensure that all children feel included at Angling Road Elementary, we ask that families include every child when passing out birthday invitations as school.  We know that this might not always be possible, and encourage parents to use the Parent Directory via Skyward to gather addresses and phone numbers of students in their child’s classroom when sending invitations to a small group of students.
  • Birthday Celebrations – PPS Policy: 
    • Teachers recognize and celebrate student birthdays in their classrooms.  If you would like to add to the celebration of your child’s birthday at school, consider some of the following options:
  • Share a small inexpensive non-edible treat with classmates: erasers, highlighters, bookmark or pencils are always appreciated and needed by students.
  • Donate an age-appropriate game for indoor recess: when the weather does not allow for recess outside, students are always seeking new games to play during indoor recess.  Donating an aged-appropriate game in honor of  your child’s birthday is a wonderful long-lasting birthday gift shared with all students.
  • Donate an item from your teacher’s classroom supply wish list.  Teachers are always in need of additional whiteboard markers, an electric pencil sharpener, etc.  Donating an item for use in the classroom is another way to honor your child’s birthday.
  • Dedicate a book.  Have your child dedicate a grade-level appropriate book to his/her classroom library.  We encourage parents/guardians to write “in honor of [your child]’s birthday” inside the book.  Please check with your child’s teacher for book titles and/or author ideas.
  • Unfortunately, parent/guardians are unable to join their child for lunch at school this year.  
++Chromebooks Portage Virtual Students:

For those families opting for virtual instruction for their elementary student(s), Chromebooks are available upon request.  However, if your student has access to another Chromebook or computer, we ask that you elect to use it.  Any device with a standard internet browser, speakers, webcam, and microphone will work with Portage’s virtual program.  

To request a Chromebook for PPS virtual instruction, please fill out this form –  Depending on the number of requests, we hope to have them ready for pickup at your elementary school on Monday, August 31st.


As a reminder, if you need to request a repair for a PPS issued Chromebook, please use the following link –

Face to Face Instruction and Friday Technology:

At this time, Friday will be used as a “review day” where no new instruction will happen and/or technology will not be required.    

++Classroom Setup Our classroom teachers have been working hard to rearrange classroom spaces to be able to Socially Distance to the best of our ability.  Several examples of the changes being made in classrooms are: 

  • Tables are being switched with desks to allow for more spacing between students.
  • Teachers are removing unnecessary furniture and/or materials  to allow for more spacing.
  • When possible, 3-6 feet spaces are being created between student placements.  Additional spaces are being determined in the building to allow for students to have mask breaks.
  • Classroom materials are being organized and sorted to reduce the sharing of materials.  Handwashing will be required before using shared materials.  
  • Procedures are being rewritten to encompass our new healthy protocols and practices.
Communication There are many ways to stay connected:

  • Google Classroom – Main platform for student virtual Information
  • CREW News Skyward Emails
  • Messages from Classroom Teachers
  • Facebook
  • PTO’s Website
CREW  We are CREW at Angling Road.  CREW stands for:

  • Caring 
  • Responsible
  • Having an Excellent Attitude
  • Working Together
++CREW “Staying Healthy Expectations” Please review this slide deck with your child before the 1st Day of School:

Click Here to Review “Angling Road CREW Staying Healthy Expectations”

++Daily Health Screening and Reminders Families:

  • Sign the screening checklist agreement form in Skyward or Back to School Newsletter.  This form will come to you via email:  Student Screener Agreement Form
  • Monitor your child’s health and communicate any symptoms to the school immediately.
  • If your child has a fever, do not bring him/her  to school
  • Daily Screening Checklist
  • Reinforce the expectation of maintaining social distancing at all times at school.
  • Support your child in wearing a face mask while in school and on the bus.
  • Keep in close communication if COVID Symptoms arise.  We are glad to help!


  • Will complete a daily Health Screener.
  • Practice Social Distancing, Handwashing and other Healthy Practices
Chromebooks and Technology Support Families:

  • Encourage careful use of computer
  • Sign yearly Acceptable Use Policy


  • Do not bring technology from home – ipads, smart phones, smart watches etc.
  • If a smart phone or watch is necessary for after school use, it must be turned off and stored in backpacks during school hours.
  • Use technology as a tool.
  • Take care of your Chromebook in school or outside of school
  • Follow the Acceptable Use Policy otherwise, consequences could follow.
  • For those families opting for virtual instruction for their elementary student(s), Chromebooks are available upon request.  However, if your student has access to another Chromebook or computer, we ask that you elect to use it.  Any device with a standard internet browser, speakers, webcam, and microphone will work with Portage’s virtual program.  To request a Chromebook for PPS Virtual instruction, please fill out this form:
  • Requests for Chromebooks from PV students prior to August 21st will be ready for pickup at your elementary school on Monday, August 31st.  More information will be coming from your PV Teacher.


As a reminder, if you need to request a repair for a PPS issued Chromebook, please use the following link:

++Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • We’re thankful that Mr. Roedel will have extra custodial help throughout the day! 
  • Systematic cleaning and disinfecting schedule will be used during the school day. 
  • Frequently touched surfaces including light switches, doors, benches, bathrooms, must undergo cleaning at least every four hours with either an EPA-approved disinfectant. Student desks will be disinfected at least once a day.
  • The traditional cleaning will take place each night, empty trash, sweep floors, etc.
  • A deep building clean with disinfecting will occur on each Friday.
  • Staff will be provided sanitizer to sanitize between small groups and limited sharing of equipment/materials.
++Food Service Information
  • Breakfast: $1.35, lunch:  $2.60, and additional milk $.50.
  • Refer to the Elementary Handbook for more Food Service information.  You
  • may contact Mr. Hastings, Kitchen Manager, with questions at [email protected]  
  • Portage Public Schools Food Services will be provided by Chartwells School Dining.  

Meal Ordering for both Face to Face and Virtual Learners:    

Currently we only have the ability to pre-order lunches.  Breakfast pre-ordering will be available soon. 


    • Menus will be sent home with face to face student learners each month and will also be posted on the Nutrislice website and the districts website for our virtual learners.
    • Three choices will be available for students/parents to select each day.  The first two choices will rotate daily with the third choice always being a vegetarian salad.
    • Pre-ordering of meals will be available through the website at no cost to parents.    Meals will be charged to student food service accounts based on their meal benefit level.  
    • Face to face student learners will be able to have parents pre-order their meals or they may order their lunch meals through their teachers as has been traditionally done in the past.   All face to face learners meals have to be pre-ordered by 9:30 am each day.    
    • Face to face learners may pre-order a Friday meal that will be sent home with them on Thursday.  Those meals will need to be pre-ordered on the SMTS website.
    • Currently breakfast pre-ordering is not ready to be released.  Face to face learners will be able to receive breakfast if they would like in the building before school begins. 
    • Meal Benefit Applications: Applications for free and reduced meal benefits for the 2020-2021 school year are now available online at Applying is easy and the application will be sent directly to our office electronically.  Paper applications are also available on the district website or in your school buildings office.  
  • PLEASE NOTE: Meal benefits from last school year will expire on October 13th, 2020, so make sure to re-apply as soon as possible.
++Guiding Documents PPS Preparedness Plan

Michigan Road Map

Return to Learn – Portage Public Schools RTL Protocols and Information and 

++Hallways Our hallways will flow in two-way directions and our students will be reminded to “Stick tight to the right.”  Teachers will teach students how to Socially Distance safely in our hallways.
++Hand Washing Teachers will teach our students proper hand washing practices using the following guidance:

Handwashing Protocols

++Health Screener In order to work together, we ask that all families keep a copy of the Daily Student Screener available for use each morning.  Please do not send your child to school if your child is experiencing symptoms that are not typical.  If you know that your child is experiencing allergies or something typical of the season, please be sure to contact the office in an effort to keep communication flowing.

Daily Student Screening Checklist – Family Responsibility

Inclement/Severe Weather/Other Crisis Drills We will continue to practice the State Required number of Fire Drills, Severe Weather Drills and Lock Down/ALICE Drills.  During these practice drills, we will even more so focus on the emotional well-being of our children than in the typical year.  
++Internet Access
  • If you have challenges with internet access, please contact our office ASAP to receive paper copies of CREW News and to be considered for any potential district provided services.
++Late Student and Belonging Drop Off/ Early Pick Up Angling Road Elementary has a new “Welcome Window”!  When you have a late student or belonging pick up, or an early student pick up, please use the welcome window or call our Main Office for Curbside Service.  
++Large Assemblies/Traditional Events At this time, we will not have any assemblies and will look to be creative within the classrooms to continue with some of our Angling Road Traditions.
Leadership Roles for Students Angling Road believes in raising strong leaders.  Some of the ways in which we do so are through:

  • CREW Captains – Ms. Yankovich
  • Student Council – Mr. Sefton
  • School Safeties – Mr. Wight
  • ASL Club – Mrs. Mounce
++Lunch and Recess Students Eating Lunch and Going to Recess:

  • Students will eat in two different locations. Students will travel to lunch with masks and  may remove their masks when they sit to eat their lunches. They will have assigned lunch spots and will be kept with their own class for lunch.
  • Lunches will be split into two locations (Cafeteria and Gym)  to allow for more spacing of students. This year students will go to lunch first and then go to recess. Recesses will be split into four areas and students will be kept with their own classroom for recess.
  • Keep social distance and no contact sports.
  • Practice good hand washing procedures.
++Masks and Lanyards
  • All students and staff will be required to wear a disposable or cloth face mask, except for snack time, lunch time, outside PE time, mask break time, and recess time.  Students requiring an exception due to medical reasons should contact Ms. Yankovich.
  • Extra masks will be available for students who need them. 
  • Lanyards will be provided to each student as a place to hook the student’s mask to during non-mask times.  Lanyards will be kept in the student’s desk at the end of the day.  
  • If you have extra cloth masks to donate, would you please consider donating them so that we can pass them on to students needing them?  We will be collecting them in the office.   
  • The complete PPS Protocol can be found at:  PPS Mask Wearing and Break Protocol
Medication at School
  • Whenever possible, we encourage parents/ guardians to administer medication to their children at home.  In order to administer medications at school, written consent and instructions from a licensed practitioner and a parent /guardian is required for ANY type of medication (prescribed AND over-the-counter).  
  • If your child needs medication at school, you must complete an authorization form found in the back of the Elementary Handbook.  All medication must be brought to school in the original container with the child’s name and duration on the container’s label.  
  • Angling Road staff is unable to provide any antiseptic ointments, lotions or cough drops to students.  
  • Parents will be contacted as appropriate according to the injury.
++Office We have updated our Office Procedures to align with our PPS Triage/Quarantine Room Protocol.  PPS Triage and Quarantine Room Protocols  We also have made some changes to how we have students use the office.  Several of the changes are:

  • Our teachers are being supplied with extra items that students typically come to the office for:  Bandaids, Tooth Chests, Birthday Pencils, Extra Lanyards and Nice Paper Towels (To use wet instead of ice when appropriate.)  
  • Grab and Go Bags are available for support staff to go to classrooms to help when needed.
  • Support Staff will travel to students when students need emotional health support…we will miss our sweet kiddos who visit the office more frequently…and we promise that we will still take good care of them!

Only Staff and Students will be entering the building.  Please save our Main Office Number in your phones or come to our Welcome Window when you need us!  323-6000

++Picture Day Picture Day will be moved to the Spring for Elementary Students District Wide
Pets at School
  • Due to many allergies and safety concerns, we ask that pets not be brought to school and/or brought around students and families.
Pesticide Notification: Due to Acts 636 and 637 of the Michigan State Department of Agriculture’s Pesticide notification of schools, Routine visits will take place on the fourth Monday of each month.
++PPE Our PPS District has provided PPE for staff and additional masks for students who forget them.  Students should expect to see their Teachers and Support Staff wearing masks, at times wearing see through face shields and at times sitting behind plexi-glass sneeze guards when needed.   If your child needs support in adjusting to our new world of PPE, please contact us asap, and we will make a plan to support them!
++Portage Virtual and Face to Face Instruction
  • Our communications will refer to both Portage Virtual (PV) and Face to Face (F2F).  We want to be sure to keep everyone included in our Angling Road School Family in hopes for a quick return to F2F learning!
++School Day Hours
  • Please do not drop students off before 8:30 a.m. This will be especially important this year as our lobby area will be closed.
  • First Bell: 8:30 a.m.     Tardy Bell: 8:35 a.m.    Dismissal Bell: 3:40 p.m.
  • Half Day Dismissal:  12:00 p.m.
  • Breakfast starts: 8:10
Secure Entrances
  • All entrances are secure this year.
  • Visitors and volunteers will not be allowed.
  • Building signs have been updated to help with the flow of the building and to remind students of healthy procedures such as handwashing, social distancing, wearing masks, sneezing and coughing in elbows etc.
  • For the health and safety of all students, we ask that students bring individual snacks this year.  For those families that are able to provide extra snacks to those without, we thank you for your generosity and ask that the snacks be in individual packaging.  The list can be found here:  District Approved Safe Snack List
  • Students will have Specials in their classrooms this year or outside.
  • PE will be held outside as much as weather allows.
  • Ms. Arnold – Media and Mr. Twichell – PE will be our two Special Teachers this year.  It’s bittersweet…Mr. Rich, Mr. Pixley and Mrs. French have accepted new positions in the district.
Student Support Our goal is to support students and families in whatever need they have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to:

  • Ms. Yankovich – Principal  323-6055
  • Mrs. Rosecrans – Engagement Specialist  323-6018
++Student Illness Sick At Home:

  • Please keep children at home with fevers, coughs, sneezes, vomiting, diarrhea etc.
  • Please call the school office at 323-6000 before 8:45 to excuse their absence.
  • Please leave a message including your child’s name, teacher and illness symptoms as we report illnesses to the Health Department.  PLEASE call as WE CANNOT accept absence information by email or fax.  Sending a message to your child’s teacher does NOT guarantee that the office will get the message.  If we do not receive appropriate notification, your child’s absence will remain unexcused. 
  • Update your Skyward accounts so we have current phone numbers for you as well as emergency contacts.  It is extremely important this year.



Sick At School:


  • Please refer to your teacher’s supply lists for most current lists. This list is not required and is only recommended.
  • School will provide supplies if your family is unable to provide recommended supplies. 
  • If your child arrives after 8:35 a.m., they must be signed in by a parent/guardian at the welcome window or with a phone call to the office, or their tardy will remain unexcused.  A student cannot sign themselves in.
++Transportation – Buses
  • It will be requested that parents check their child’s temperature each morning, prior to riding the bus.
  • All students must wear a mask while at the bus stop and on the bus
  • Students will be encouraged to provide their own mask
  • Masks will be available upon request
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been mounted at the front of the bus and students will be required to use hand sanitizer prior to sitting down.
  • Windows will be open to allow air flow. (weather permitting)
  • Once bus routes are finalized, students will be assigned seats at the elementary level.
  • Students from the same family will be seated together.
  • Students will be spaced out as much as possible.
  • All drivers will wear a face masks while driving the bus
  • All busses will be disinfected daily using a sanitizer spray
  • Between runs, drivers will spray seats and other heavily touched areas with Envirox, allowing 5 minutes of drying time.
  • Bus passes will not be allowed during phase 4 and 5, but will be reconsidered as we get into phase 6.
  • The Transportation department can be reached at 323-5151.
++Visitors and Volunteers
  • No visitors and/or volunteers will enter Angling Road.  Only staff and students will be in the building this year.
++Water Bottles
  • All students will bring a water bottle to school to refill at our new bottle filling stations.  Drinking fountains will not be used.  We will have extra water bottles if a student needs one.
Weapons Free School Zone Policy
  • Please refer to the Elementary Handbook for Parents 2020-2021 Code of Conduct section for information regarding weapons possession and weapon look-alikes.  Please read and review these important safety policies.  Note the disciplinary action requirements for each section.  


Coronavirus: What you need to know

The health and safety of our students and staff is our top priority. Portage Public Schools has created a special webpage to keep you informed about how we are responding to prevent the spread of infectious disease in our schools. We invite you to use this page as a resource to stay up to date on what we are doing to keep students and staff safe and healthy, and minimize the impact on student learning.