Staff Home


Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Yankovich, Heather Principal [email protected] 323-6055

Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Burns, Katie Secretary [email protected] 323-6061
Erhardt, Sandy Secretary [email protected] 323-6059


Name Class Email Address Phone Number
Benes, Martha Resource Room [email protected] 323-6026
Bennett, Amber ASD Teacher [email protected] 323-6027
Brizendine, Lacie Kindergarten [email protected] 323-6030
Doren, Betsy Kindergarten [email protected] 323-6006
Fischer, Amanda Engagement Specialist [email protected] 323-6018
Forintos, Samantha 5th Grade [email protected] 323-6001
Gilbert, Miranda 4th Grade [email protected] 323-6013
Kabacki, Lauren 3rd Grade [email protected] 323-6015
Kline, Johnna 1st Grade [email protected] 323-6009
Kovacic, Mary Claire 1st Grade [email protected] 323-6016
Moore, Marcia Kindergarten [email protected] 323-6003
Reiff, Katie 4th Grade [email protected] 323-6021
Robinson, Kim 2nd Grade [email protected] 323-6010
Sasak, Nick 4th Grade [email protected] 323-6023
Sedlecky, Tayler 3rd Grade [email protected] 323-6031
Sefton, David 5th Grade [email protected] 323-6022
Stump, Kerry 2nd Grade [email protected] 323-6002
Triemstra, Taylor 1st Grade [email protected] 323-6008
Vanderveen, Rhonda 3rd Grade [email protected] 323-6014
West, Teresa 2nd Grade [email protected] 323-6019
Wight, Nic 5th Grade [email protected] 323-6020
VanDyken, Britany Resource Room [email protected] 323-6024

Special Teachers

Name Class Email Address Phone Number
Armbruster, Ann Music [email protected] 323-6029
Arnold, Lori PE [email protected] 323-6028
Brown, Ashley Art [email protected] 323-6011
Chapman, Bailey School Psychologist [email protected] 323-5033
Danielkiewicz, Heather Speech [email protected] 323-6375
DeVries, Karen Speech [email protected] 323-6932
French, Sabrina Media [email protected] 323-6085
Gross, Dawn Speech [email protected] 323-6666
Mounce, Kara Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Teacher [email protected] 323-6007
Russel, Penny Reading Consultant [email protected] 323-6012

Support Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Arjmand, Ashley Special Educational Paraprofessional
Comstock, Jessica Special Educational Paraprofessional
Degraves, Andrew Playground Supervisor
Fox, Tracy ASD Paraprofessional
Hammond. Krista Building Substitute Teacher
Hastings, Mike Cafeteria Manager [email protected] 323-6091
Hammond, Krista Building Sub
Kirkendall, Renee Intervention Paraprofessional [email protected]
Knapper, Becky Special Educational Paraprofessional
McKay, Xenia Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Interpreter
Polk, Brandon Technology [email protected] 323-5117
Roedel, Allen Head Custodian [email protected] 323-6093
Stewart, Chelsea Playground Supervisor
Tieche, Terri Intervention Paraprofessional [email protected]
Wendt, Annette Administrative Assistant- Library [email protected] 323-6085
White, Casey Intervention Paraprofessional
Wicklander, Bruce Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Interpreter