Staff Home


Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Yankovich, Heather Principal [email protected] 323.6055

Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Burns, Katie Secretary [email protected] 323.6061
Erhardt, Sandy Secretary [email protected] 323.6059


Name Class Email Address Phone Number
Benes, Martha Resource Room [email protected]
Brescia, Amanda ASD Teacher [email protected] 323.6027
Brizendine, Lacie Kindergarten [email protected]
Crocker, Laura 3rd Grade [email protected] 323.6015
Day, Miranda 4th Grade [email protected]  323.6013
Doren, Betsy Kindergarten [email protected] 323.6006
Gavlas, Kristen 1st Grade [email protected] 323.6008
Gerould, Leah Kindergarten [email protected] 323.6003
Howard, Sara 4th Grade [email protected] 323.6021
Kline, Johnna 1st Grade [email protected] 323.6009
Millar, Katherine Spanish [email protected]
Moore, Marcia 2nd Grade [email protected] 323-6019
Pinon, Alyssa Young 5s [email protected] 323.6016
Robinson, Kim 2nd Grade [email protected] 323.6010
Rosecrans, Jessica Engagement
[email protected] 323.6018
Sefton, David 5th Grade [email protected] 323.6022
Smith, Sarah 2nd Grade [email protected] 323.6002
Stitt, Marny Resource Room [email protected] 323.6023
Vanderveen, Rhonda 3rd Grade [email protected] 323.6014
Wight, Nic 5th Grade [email protected] 323.6020

Special Teachers

Name Class Email Address Phone Number
Arnold, Lori Media Specialist [email protected] 323.6085
French, Sabrina Music [email protected] 323.6026
Gross, Dawn Speech Pathologist [email protected] 323.6025
Pixley, Mike Art [email protected] 323.6011
Rich, Travis Physical Education [email protected] 323.6028
Robinson, Jennifer School Psychologist [email protected] 323.5033
Russel, Penny Reading Consultant [email protected] 323.6012

Support Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Fox, Tracy ASD Paraprofessional
Gibson, Lynn Cafeteria
Gregory, Linda Paraprofessional [email protected] 323.6001
Hastings, Mike Cafeteria Manager [email protected]
Gaylor, Sherri Cafeteria Supervisor
King, Janelle Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Interpreter  [email protected]
Kirkendall, Renee Paraprofessional [email protected]
Kuhnert, Ronda Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Consultant [email protected] 323.6007
McDanial, Terri ASD Paraprofessional
McKay, Xenia Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Interpreter
Mounce, Kara Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Teacher [email protected]
Narra, Sree Paraprofessional [email protected]
Newell, Tammy Playground Supervisor
Reesor, Anna Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing & ASD Paraprofessional [email protected]
Roedel, Allen Head Custodian [email protected]
Roberts, Katie ASD Paraprofessional
Robertson, Kathleen Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Interpreter  [email protected]
Rosewarn, Mellisa Cafeteria Supervisor
Rotgers, Alicia Playground Supervisor
Tieche, Terri Paraprofessional [email protected]
Wendt, Annette Administrative Assistant- Library [email protected] 323-6086
Wensauer, Krystal Playground Supervisor
Wydick, Amani Curious Kids [email protected] 323.6005