• The first step to enrolling at Community High School is calling 269-323-6769 to schedule an appointment. Walk-ins are also accepted, but it is better to call ahead so we can make sure that you bring in everything you need to enroll.
  • The student is responsible for bringing their transcripts and immunization records to the scheduled meeting with the student services coordinator. Transcripts can be obtained by contacting the student’s previous high school. Immunization records can be obtained through the previous school or a family physician. Students cannot be enrolled without both of these items, and Community High School cannot acquire these materials.
  • In addition to transcripts and immunization records, there are a multitude of personal factors that will influence eligibility and enrollment. These factors will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and will be discussed at the initial meeting with the student services coordinator.

All About US

Community High School welcomes students who could benefit from an alternative to the traditional high school setting. In addition to a variety of the learning supports listed, we offer block scheduling, after school credit recovery, direct teacher instruction, and innovative approaches to teaching. Students who graduate from Community High School earn a high school diploma, not a GED.

Student Services

  • Academic scheduling
  • Personal, family, social issues
  • Student services coordinator contact with parents
  • Frequent one-on-one meetings with students
  • Referrals to agencies/counselors/physicians
  • Drug and alcohol interventions
  • Conflict resolution
  • Career counseling/Career Day
  • Coordinate Community Work Experience
  • Military Recruiter visits
  • Financial aid workshops
  • Senior graduation audits
  • Provide letters of recommendations for applications/scholarships
  • Respond to crises/staff on PPS District Crisis Team
  • Participate in IEP’s and Special Education referrals
  • Coordinate and monitor 504’s
  • Utilize No Disposable Kids, Positive Behavior Support and Intervention, and Life Space Crisis Intervention training on a daily basis

Personal Services

  • Assist in appointment making and provide transportation to mothers with children
  • Help find housing, clothing, formula, diapers and locate resources available in the area


  • SADD~Red Ribbon Week
  • School Beautification~Spirit Week
  • Prom
  • Teachers available upon request after school
  • Strategic Planning
  • School Improvement
  • Produce Senior Magazine and Slideshow
  • Opportunities to participate in Education for Employment and Education for the Arts
  • Plato after school credit recovery
  • Portage Community Outreach Center after school program
  • Student Leadership Class


  • Daily in class rewards for following PBIS expectations
  • Recognition for students passing classes
  • Recognition for students following school PBIS in our reward of “Be Famous”
  • Student of the Term
  • Award Assemblies
  • Good calls home to parents
  • Eating lunch with students
  • Special bulletin boards


  • Conferences twice a year

Accomplishments of Graduates

  • Cathy Champion attended Kendall College of Art and Design before transferring to Amherst College (one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges) and graduating in 2009 with a BA in English and Philosophy. She then earned her MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from the University of Oregon in 2012.
  • Trevor Goff has an excellent career in the Marines, including work at the White House.
  • Chris Bohan, Tom Soule, Quenton Kizer, James Wyles, Andrew Smith, Larry Russell, Rusty Russell, Chris Russell, Chris Martin, and Jeremy Lincoln are serving our country.
  • Lesley Ptacek graduated from KVCC and is now enrolled in Art Education at WMU.
  • Tyler Getchel owns his own sprinkling/lawn care business.
  • Lena Lemon and Maria Gonzalez are cosmetologists.
  • Chris Losiewski earned his Master’s in Educational Leadership and is now working as a social worker with at-risk kids in a residential setting in San Francisco.
  • Andrew McCrosky is a chef and is now running his own restaurant.
  • Jenna Pollard got her Bachelor’s from WMU and then went on to get her Master’s in Special Education from University of British Columbia.  She is now working in Florida with local school districts to implement Positive Behavior Support in Florida schools.
  • Many graduates are managers at area businesses.

Basic Information: 

  • Operates Monday-Friday 7:40am-2:40pm
  • Follows the Portage Public Schools district-wide school calendar
  • Utilizes all of the Portage Public Schools transportation services
  • Offers free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs
  • Offers Metro-Bus Tokens to Kalamazoo resident students meeting specific guidelines

Class Information:

  • 8 class periods per day (7 core classes and a seminar)
  • Classes allow the opportunity for most work to be completed in class
  • Maintain smaller class sizes for individualized attention
  • Teachers are highly qualified and meet all the state requirements for teaching
  • Staff is trained in “No Disposable Kids” and “Positive Behavior Support Systems”
  • Provides a safe and orderly environment

Attendance and Policies:

  • Attendance is mandatory, excused absences can be made up with proper documentation
  • Students can call in before 10am to receive an “excused” absence for the day
  • Encourages good attendance/grades and uses recognition programs/acknowledgements


  • Students can earn 8 credits a year (2 semesters 4 credits per semester).
  • Additional credits may be earned through Plato after school program Monday-Thursday until 5 pm
  • 11th & 12th graders with jobs (averaging 15 hours per week) can receive up to 2 credits a year
  • Accepts credit from the Y.O.U. program, Michigan Virtual High School and KVCC
  • Encourages students to participate in the county-wide EFE/EFA programs
  • Follows Michigan Merit Curriculum guidelines, with 26 credits required to graduate
  • Students are required to participate in MSTEP testing to qualify for a diploma.
  • Graduates receive a Portage Public School Diploma.

Acknowledgment For Good Behavior/Good Grades:

  • Student of the Term Luncheon Celebrations 4 times a year
  • Good calls or e-mails home to parents of students doing well in class
  • Provide bus tokens for students that are Kalamazoo residents and have passing grades
  • Awards Assemblies two times a year
  • Ability to participate in the county wide EFE/EFA programs

Helpful Programs:

Class Components/Credit Recovery/Before/After School Programs

  • Offer Plato program after school and during the summer to students.
  • Special Ed in the building:  Academic Assistance class offering more time for assignments.
  • Individualized programs for targeted reading intervention in addition to school-wide vocabulary instruction.
  • After-school tutoring program available 4 days a week for all students.
  • Smaller class sizes (when possible).
  • Personal attention in class and highly differentiated instruction by teachers who specialize in at-risk education.
  • Students can earn extra credits by working, taking Plato classes, and participating in extracurricular opportunities.
  • Field trips, guest speakers and community resources used in the class to offer a different way of learning.
  • Free/Reduced breakfast/lunch program.
  • Provide free daycare to students with children.
  • Work individually with Seniors to help determine their post-high school plans.
  • Assist in financial aid planning and college admission process.

Partnering/Support with Community Agencies

  • Work with local Probation Officers to keep students enrolled and attending school.
  • Partner with Y.O.U. to allow students the opportunity for credit recovery utilizing their NovaNET program.
  • Community Mental Health, Elizabeth Upjohn Healing Center, Advocacy Services For Kids offering crisis intervention, anger management, substance abuse, conflict resolution and interpersonal difficulties.
  • Work with the staff at KVCC’s Student Success Center, and work to show to educate our students as to the opportunities available to them programs that KVCC has to offer within this center that are much like the “hand holding” we do here with our At-Risk students.