COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER SEMINAR AND FRIDAY GOOGLE MEETS (Please check Google Classroom for all other  class Google Meets)

Community High School Teachers:

Terri Adriance: (Science)-[email protected]
Seminar/Friday Google Meet

Jen Enyart: (Directed Support) –[email protected]

Courtney Jasiak: (Plato/Health)-[email protected]
Seminar/Friday Google Meet

Marti Lindstrom: (Math)-[email protected]
Seminar/Friday Google Meet

Andrea Ramsdell: (Plato/Art)-[email protected]
Seminar/Friday Google Meet

LuAnn Relken: (English)-[email protected]
Seminar/Friday Google Meet

Shelley Rowlson: (Gov/Econ/Hist)-[email protected]
Seminar/Friday Google Meet

Patti Schneider: (Directed Support)-[email protected]

Jen Swank: (Plato/English)-[email protected]
Seminar/Friday Google Meet

Jen Treharne: (Math)-[email protected]
Seminar/Friday Google Meet

Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Wagner, Clint Community High School Administrator [email protected] 323.6721

​Support Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Attendance Office Attendance Line 323.6794
Ballentine, Steve Hall Monitor [email protected] 323.6718
Begnoche, Leslie Social Worker [email protected] 323.6771
Bennett, Sharon Secretary [email protected] 323.6761
Enyart, Jen Behavior Specialist [email protected] 323.6738
Higgason, Krista Student Services Coordinator [email protected] 323.6768
Plaunt, Kim ParaPro [email protected] 323.6737
Officer Pierman Police Liaison Officer [email protected] 323.5460
Sylvester, Dawn Student Services [email protected] 323.6766


Name Class Email Address Phone Number
Adriance, Terri Science [email protected] 323.6719
Hinga, Michael Plato [email protected] 323.6767
Jasiak, Courtney Physical Education [email protected] 323.6725
Lindstrom, Marti Math/Physical Education [email protected] 323.6734
Ramsdell, Andrea Art [email protected] 323.6714
Relken, LuAnn English [email protected] 323.6731
Rowlson, Michelle Social Studies [email protected] 323.6726
Schneider, Patti Special Education [email protected] 323.6760
Swank, Jen English/Dean of Students [email protected] 323.6720
Treharne, Jennifer Math [email protected] 323.6715