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Looking toward the fall, figuring out what role online learning will still play then

To be clear, next fall I want our kids to be here together, in this place that our community built for all of us. But we have learned some things this year as well. We have learned that our teachers could create high-quality, synchronous, online learning.  We have learned that while this year has been hard for many of our kids, some of them have thrived in the online-learning world. And, we have learned that there are many reasons for families wanting online courses next year: from health concerns, to learning style, to a family’s

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schedule or living arrangements.

As always around here, your feedback guides our work. So we are working and planning online courses for the students and families who believe this choice is best for them. And we have a great deal to share with you. Here is how we start:

  • Take a look at this introductory video, to get an overall view of our online program.

  • You can also access directly the Slides presentation we used in the video.

  • Parents and students have told us that our FAQs that we have developed since this summer have been an important resource for your decision making. So we have built an FAQ for online learning, and we will be updating it in the weeks ahead.

Thank you, as always, for working alongside us, to navigate this very challenging time, and to do what is best for all our kids here.

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Please click here for steps for troubleshooting common issues.  If the device is damaged, fill out the form at the bottom of the link page.

Student Work Permits

Students in need of a work permit during this pause should go to the Administration building. The public building hours are 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you cannot come during those hours, have them contact Chris Augustine directly at (269) 323-5165 to set up an appointment. 

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Information

Please visit this page to access updates about the school closure, including how we are responding to prevent the spread of infectious disease, keep students and staff safe and healthy, and minimize the impact on student learning.

Buy a brick for McCamley Field, Mustang Field, or the new pool!

Back by popular demand…

So many families and community members purchased bricks at the new McCamley Field and tiles at the new pool — to leave their mark in these spaces where so many great kids celebrated and where so many more will celebrate decades into the future.

But if you missed your chance last year, you have another chance now! Plus, we have a new space to commemorate your family, friends, and experiences. Mustang Field hosted its first soccer games this fall, and we are so grateful for what our community has built.

This sale continues until Graduation Day this spring. So if you are considering a brick at the new McCamley or Mustang Field, click here.

If you would like a tile at the new pool, click here.

Thank you — again and again — for all that you have done!

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