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Counseling Office Staff
Contact Position Phone
Todd Tarnutzer Counselor (Letters A-B, F, M-N) 323.5275
Mary Scott Counselor (Letters G-L) 323.5277
Lisa Jepson Counselor (Letters C-E, O-R) 323.5288
Carla Kelly Counselor (Letters S-Z) 323.5278
Trish King Registrar (Test Coordinator, Transcripts) 323.5282
Renee Porter General Information and appointments 323.5283
Counseling Office Fax # 323-5380


Schedule Change Policy

The following is the schedule change policy for the 2017-2018 school year. Schedule changes, meaning adding new courses, are allowed during the first week of a semester. For first semester, beginning on Tuesday, September 5th, a student may drop or add a new class until Monday, September 11th, 2017. After September 11th,  a change in course level or a new seminar will be the only options allowed until October 2nd.  (Only one seminar per semester is allowed for credit.)  After October 2nd a student may not make any schedule changes.  In most cases, any change will be recorded as an Early Withdrawal (equivalent to an E) on the student’s transcript.

The policy for second semester will follow first semester. The first week will allow dropping and adding of new classes. A level change and a new seminar will be allowed through week four. There are no schedule changes after week four. For concerns beyond this date, please contact your child’s counselor directly.

In addition, please understand that we will be unable to honor specific teacher requests, specific seminar hours or lunch requests. We work hard to maintain a minimum class size in order to provide the best learning environment for all students.

2017 – 2018 Program of Studies

Suggestions to Improve Reading and Writing Skills  Click here

Office Hours – School Year
7:15 AM-3:45 PM.  To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please call Renee Porter at 323-5283

A Note to Parents 
The counselors would like to remind parents and students that we are here to advocate for the students and their needs. We would like to encourage parents to:

  • Contact the individual teachers first with concerns about assignments, grades or student progress.
  • Ask teachers for specific feedback and to offer specific recommendations/suggestions for improving academic achievement in their classes.
  • Contact counselors if grade concerns are not resolved.
  • Seek additional help from teachers before or after school…consult teachers to make appointments
  • Contact counselors if/when questions arise.

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Procedures for Placement and Transfer of Resident/In-District Students