School starts at 7:40am, dismissed at 2:40pm.

Academic Day

School starts promptly at 7:40. Students are not permitted inside the building until proper supervision is available for them at 7:25am.  After 2:40 p.m., all students must exit the building unless they are directly involved in athletics or other school sponsored activities. No supervision is available after 2:40 p.m. so we urge you to be sure that your child is not left waiting after that time.

Adult Visitors

All adults, including parents, please assist us in keeping our school safe and orderly by signing in at the front office and getting a visitor pass sticker before walking down the hallways before school starts, as well as during school hours, as a safety precaution for our students. *As of 8/16/21, we are not allowing visitors into the building.

Athletic Physicals Forms

All athletes need a physical exam done on or after April 15, on file before they may participate.

We will be switching to Final Forms as the method to submit your student’s physical. No paper copies will be accepted.


Are you an exceptional student in reading, writing or math?  If so, you might be interested in classes in the Academically Talented Youth Program [commonly known as ATYP].  The classes meet weekly at WMU. If you are interested; please go to the Counseling Office to get additional information.

Bus riders enter and leave the north entrance

The buses will depart at 2:50. Buses park in the same location each day.

Cell Phones

All student cellphones are to be off and put away the entire school day, from the moment you enter until the moment you leave the building after school. After 2:40pm, students are free to use their phones. Thanks!

Dress Code Expectations

Part of our responsibility at CMS is to prepare students for the world of work. Proper dress is part of that preparation. Additionally, appropriate dress is important for establishing a positive learning environment in our building. Clothing which is distracting in any way interferes with the overall educational process. Our dress code prohibits the following clothing items at school: clothing with print referring to drugs, alcohol or tobacco, clothing with offensive print or double meanings, spaghetti straps, halter tops, backless tops, low cut tops, muscle shirts, mesh tops, midriffs (no skin or underwear showing in the middle), visible undergarments, miniskirts, pajamas and house slippers. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in helping us to maintain a strong academic environment for all students.

Early Dismissal for your student?

Due to policy, we will not pull a student out of class with a phone call as we need documentation. The easy way is to send in a note with your student who will then be issued an early dismissal slip, and can meet you in the parking lot. The other way is for the parent to come into the office and sign them out, at which time they will be called down from their class.

When students become ill at school, please follow these steps

1. Student tells the teacher.
2. Student sent to counseling office.
3. Student calls parent using school phone.
4. Counseling staff confirms with parent/guardian.
5. Student is issued a blue hall pass to go to locker.
6. Student turns in blue hall pass at welcome center and waits for parent to arrive.

Ipod/Ipad/cellphones should be registered

With the school police liaison officer to help recovery efforts should it come up missing.

Meal benefit applications

Parents can apply for benefits on the website. Information regarding our food service, including lunch prices, is available at the food service website.


Residency Policy

The Board and administration of Portage Public Schools believe that students should be assigned to a school based on the location of their permanent residence Click this link for Procedures for Placement and Transfer of Resident/In-District Students. For complete information, please click here.

School Closing Hotline

Emergency closings are also posted on the home page of the Portage Public Schools website at or by calling the School Closing Hotline 323-6800.

Voluntary Student Accident Insurance Program

During this school year the Portage Board of Education made available a voluntary student accident insurance program.  Since the District has made this insurance available, an increasing number of parents/guardians have been taking advantage of this inexpensive policy.  This fact dictates that as a community service, we will continue to offer this voluntary insurance. The District offers this program because of trends in rising family health and dental insurance costs, increased deductibles, and co-payments.  Furthermore, in an attempt to limit the Districts’ rising insurance costs, this program provides an alternative for claims due to accidental injuries that unfortunately occur on our property.  This is the case for both during and after school hours. The plan described in the brochure you’ll receive in the fall has been designed to respond to diverse family insurance needs.  Coverage provided can help decrease the burden of unexpected medical and dental expenses, including those left unpaid due to family insurance deductibles and co-payments. As it relates to middle and high school interscholastic athletics, this voluntary insurance plan also provides coverage for all sports except grades 9 through 12 tackle football.  In that the District requires athletic insurance, you should consider this policy for the coverage it will provide you and your child.  A separate policy for high school interscholastic football is also made available before practice begins in August. Information is available at