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Staff Directory

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Hamilton, Jeff Principal (as of 7-1-2017) [email protected] 323.5600
Walker, Justin Assistant Principal (as of 7-1-2017) Jewalker@portageps.org 323.5600
Administrative Assistants
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Dimick, Crystal Principal Secretary [email protected] 323.5659
Frank, Lexie Media Center Secretary l[email protected] 323.5686
Meyle, Jill Counseling Secretary [email protected] 323.5661
Mroczek, Sara Attendance Secretary [email protected] 323-5687
Student Services
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Greene, Michelle Student Support Specialist [email protected] 323.5676
Mossoian, Spencer Psychologist [email protected] 323.5035
Overheul, Kate Academic Data Coordinator [email protected] 323.5639
Schippers, Shannon Counselor – 6th (M-Z), 8th [email protected] 323.5675
Palmer, Chris Counselor – 6th (A-L), 7th [email protected] 323-5627
Support Staff
Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Hamman, Molly Behavioral Consultant [email protected] 323.5018
Packer-McGowan, Hilary Food Service [email protected] 323.5691
Bakos, Jennie Speech-Language Therapist [email protected] 323.5478
Name Class Email Address Phone Number
Abbott, Kelly Science [email protected] 323-5610
Borden, Randy English Language Arts [email protected] 323.5625
Comensoli, Cheryl French [email protected] 323.5622
Dunlop, John Physical Ed & Athletic Director [email protected] 323.5665
Essex, Teresa Art Education [email protected] 323.5602
Flynn, Patrick Band [email protected] 323.5331
Flynn, Rennee Band [email protected] 323.5331
Franks, Amy Science/Tech Ed/Yearbook [email protected] 323.5641
Gardner, Scott Special Education [email protected] 323.5618
Haughn, Ken Science [email protected] 323.5609
Haughn, Melissa ELA [email protected] 323.5640
Hettinger, Denise Language Arts [email protected] 323.5620
Hunter, Cindy Choir [email protected] 323.5333
Hug, Allison Special Education [email protected]  323.5644
Juodawlkis, Mike Social Studies [email protected] 323.5615
Lopez, Katelin Spanish [email protected] 323.5632
McClish, Silvia Orchestra [email protected] 323.5607
McKenzie, John Math [email protected] 323.5619
Miller, Rhonda Math [email protected] 323.5617
Molitor, Shawn Social Studies [email protected] 323.5623
Moreno, Amanda Math [email protected] 323-5422
Nuismer, Collin ELA [email protected] 323.5628
Prater, Karen Language Arts [email protected] 323.5631
Ramsdell, Dan Social Studies [email protected] 323.5630
Roberts, Mike Science [email protected] 323.5645
Robison, Stephanie Language Arts [email protected] 323.5612
Roy, Lisa Family & Consumer Science [email protected] 323.5648
Savage, Steve Spanish [email protected] 323.5624
Schrauben, Malena Science & Computers [email protected] 323.5603
Winkle, Kris Social Studies & Computers [email protected] 323.5614
Wilson, Doug Special Education [email protected] 323.5104
Wydendorf, Janet Math [email protected] 323.5626
Wydendorf, Kelsey Science [email protected] 323.5643
Zielonka, Nicole Math [email protected] 323.5616