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List of Sports offered by Season and Grade

Sports Teams Schedules for all seasons

Physical Form to be filled out by the doctor

*You must have a current physical (performed on or after 4/15/22) on file with the athletic office for the 2022-2023 school year.

All players must have a physical on file in the office to participate. 

Coaches Information by Sport

Coach Name Sport Email Address Cell Phone Number Preferred way to be contacted
John Dunlop Archery [email protected] 269-760-8244 Either
Ken Kubiak Basketball Boys 7 [email protected] 269-377-1620 Email
Rick Laurencig Basketball Boys 8 [email protected] 269 330-2332 Text
Ken Kubiak Basketball Girls 8 [email protected] 269-377-1620 Email
Brady Peterson Basketball Girls 7 [email protected] Email
Robb & Shannon Nanninga Cross Country [email protected] Email
Benjamin Hutchins Cross Country (Head Coach) [email protected] 269 350-1822 Email
Rick Laurencig Football (Asst) 7/8 [email protected] 269 330-2332 Text
Travis Young Football (Asst) 7/8 [email protected] 269 744-4929 Email
Dave Cheesebro Football (Head Coach) [email protected] 269-808-0293 Email
Sam Devries Swim & Dive [email protected] 269-323-5603 Email
Robb & Shannon Nanninga Track & Field [email protected] Email
Benjamin Hutchins Track & Field [email protected] 270 350-1822 Email
Melinda Flickinger Track & Field [email protected] 269-823-2442 Email
Jacquelyn Roth Track & Field (Head Coach) [email protected] 269-312-4740 Email
Katie Layne Volleyball 7th [email protected] Email
Lisa Churchill Volleyball 7th [email protected] 269-760-9693 Email
Taylor Cronk Volleyball 8th [email protected] 269-598-2037 Email
Frankie Sallis Head Wrestling Coach [email protected] Email
Justin Disbrow Wrestling Coach [email protected] Email