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MSTEP/MME Assessments

Spring 2017 State Assessments

SAT: April 11
ACT WorkKeys: April 12
M-STEP 5th, 8th, and 11th grade: April 11-May 5
M-STEP 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th grade: May 1 – May 26

Michigan Dept. of Education (MDE) Michigan Merit Exam

Michigan Merit Exam (MME) consists of the SAT, ACT WorkKeys, and M-STEP Science and Social Studies and is administered to all 11th graders.  Completion of the MME is a graduation requirement for Portage Public Schools.

M-STEP How to read your child’s score report for grades 3-8
MME How to read your child’s score report for grade 11
MSTEP/MME Parent Report Video

M-STEP Information

This is our second year with the M-STEP test, and the third consecutive year of our students taking a new assessment.  We, again, are careful about how we use and compare these results to previous years due to the number of changes to the assessment.

Some key changes in the last three years.

For high school students:

  • This was the first year taking SAT/PSAT instead of ACT.
  • This was also the first year that College Board used the new, redesigned SAT anywhere in the country.
  • 9th and 10th grades were not previously tested, and now they are tested.
  • In 2015 the Math and ELA were stand-alone assessments, and now the Math and ELA scores come from the SAT/PSAT.

For middle school and elementary students:

  • Students have moved from MEAP (fixed form, paper/pencil) to M-STEP version 1 (fixed form, computer based) to M-STEP version 2 (computer adaptive).
  • The testing window went from testing in the fall to the spring.
  • Science and Social Studies tests changed grade levels.

Every time you adopt a new assessment, make the state standards more rigorous (change the proficiency score), or raise the bar to make the test harder, scores drop. Michigan has done all three at least twice each over the past three years.  This makes it difficult to compare or demonstrate growth.

As students and educators have a chance to become familiar with the new assessment and adjust instruction, students will rise to the challenge of more rigorous standards, just as they have in the past.

Instead of making backward comparisons to previous years, the 2016 M-STEP results should be looked at as the new baseline to guide future learning and performance.

We look forward having a stable test for the spring of 2017, and our curriculum and teacher teams will use these results to build on future successes for our students.

Thank you for supporting Portage Public Schools and our efforts to maximize learning for your student(s).