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About the CIC

What does CIC stand for?

The CIC is an acronym for the Portage Public Schools Curriculum Instruction Council. CIC meets once a month to discuss District curriculum, instruction, and assessment decisions and initiatives regarding all grade levels and programs.

What does the CIC do?

All District curriculum, instruction, and assessment decisions and initiatives regarding all grade levels and programs emanate from the CIC at their monthly meetings.

What is the purpose of the CIC?

To design, implement, communicate and perpetuate a district-wide system that will facilitate on-going research into and development of standards, competencies, assessments,vertical/horizontal coordination, and professional development of curriculum and instruction.

Who makes up the membership of the CIC?

CIC membership is made up of K-12 core and encore teacher Team Leaders and representatives from building administrators, central office administrators, support staffs, the Board of Education, and parent/community members – 53 members in all.

What has the CIC accomplished recently?

Highlights of the CIC’s accomplishments in the past five years were:

  • Began work on alignment of Math and Language Arts to the Common Core State Standards
  • Offering advanced math and science classes in our Middle Schools
  • Completing a detailed audit of the district’s K-12 curriculum to determine its alignment with the State of Michigan Curriculum Framework.
  • Establishing K-12 teacher/parent Writing Teams that established district outcomes and benchmarks which align with the State of Michigan Curriculum Framework.
  • Establishing over 35 grade level/course teacher Writing Teams that wrote and continue to revise new district curricula which supports district outcomes and benchmarks.
  • Developing, revising, and implementing a District Quarterly Assessment Program that assesses student proficiencies against district benchmarks.
  • Reviewing and approving curriculum instructional materials that support new district curricula.
  • Reviewing and approving professional development initiatives that support and extend new curricula and instruction.
  • Reviewing and approving new courses and programs that support district outcomes and benchmarks.
  • Promoting the yearly publication of K-12 District Curriculum Guides for core and encore subjects.
  • Winning recognition of the International Baccalaureate Organization for both Portage high schools as IBO schools.

How can I find out what the CIC is doing?

  • By reading about CIC business as reported by visiting the CIC web site.
  • By receiving CIC reports at monthly grade group/department meetings.
  • By talking with grade group and department Team Leaders and other CIC members.
  • Parents and community members can also access the district website to get information about the CIC and its actions.
  • Attend your Parent Teacher Organization meeting.