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IB is a rigorous two-year comprehensive curriculum for grades 11 and 12 that prepares students for post-secondary study. Our District’s high schools have been authorized to offer IB since the 1998-99 school year.

Half of all of our juniors and seniors at Central and Northern High Schools take one or more IB classes.

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Diploma Candidates Complete Work on Extended Essays

While half of all students at Central and Northern High Schools participate in the International Baccalaureate Program, a smaller number pursue the IB diploma, taking all IB classes during their junior and senior years. One of the requirements for the diploma candidates during senior year is a 4,000 word extended essay.

In addition to researching and writing what becomes approximately 16 pages, the students are challenged to shape their essay addressing a fine-tuned thesis. These are not the typical term papers on a broad topic, but more like magazine or journal articles.

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