Elementary Meals and FAQ

Q: How can I find out what my child’s account balance is?
A: Simply log into www.Sendmoneytoschool.com and sign up for access, call the kitchen staff in your school or the Food Service Department at 323-5155. We can give you the information by phone, and we can also print out an account history and send it to you by mail, fax, or e-mail. Our email address is: [email protected] and our fax number is 323-5189.
Q: Can I receive a low or negative balance notice on my child’s account by e-mail?
A: Yes! Simply call our office at 323-5155 and ask to have your e-mail address added to your child’s account. When their account balance falls below $5, you will receive an e-mail reminding you to replenish money on their account. This notification will arrive daily until you place enough money on their account to go over the $5 threshold.
Q: Is the fresh food bar available to all students who purchase lunch?
A: Yes, the food bar is available to all students who purchase a lunch from the school that day. The fruit of the day is always placed on the food bar and a small salad can be substituted for the vegetable of the day. The food bar is filled with fresh salad mix, fresh vegetables, fresh and canned fruit.
Q: My child has a food allergy or needs to know carb counts. Where can I find that information?
A: Food allergy parents must complete a Special Diet Request form located at the bottom of the menus section of the website. You may also find allergy information along with other nutritional information on the Nutrislice website – http://portageps.nutrislice.com
Q: I see Chicken Nuggets and Potato Smiles on the menu, are you frying foods in my child’s school?
A: No, all elementary foods are baked, steamed or cooked in as team jacketed kettle (depending on the item). Potato products are all baked. All of our chicken nuggets and patties are made with a whole grain breading too.
Q: Where can I get an application for free and reduced meal benefits?
A: You may apply on line at www.lunchapp.com or you may print one from this website. Your school office also has applications. To print one from this site, on the Food Group home page, select the Free and Reduce Meal Application link. You may print the application, then fill it out and mail it to the Food Service Department at 8107 Mustang Dr., Portage, MI 49002 or drop it off at your child’s school office. Due to USDA regulations, we cannot accept fax copies.
Q: When can I expect to hear whether my child will receive meal benefits?
A: Meal benefit applications are processed in the order that they are received. If you have not received a letter from our office providing you with this information, you should continue to pay for you child’s lunch. Any meals consumed prior to approval of meal benefits are the financial responsibility of the parent or guardian.
Q: My child qualifies for meal benefits at lunch, they offer breakfast at our school, does that mean my child can eat breakfast at the same benefit level?
A: Yes, their lunch benefits also apply at breakfast, and we would love to have your child eat breakfast with us.
Q: My child receives meal benefits. What are they entitled to?
A: With meal benefits, your child receives one reimbursable meal for breakfast and one for lunch. If they would like additional meals, entrees, juice or milk, they may purchase those at the published price.
Q: What is “offer vs serve”?
A: Portage Public Schools participates in an “offer vs serve” format through the National School Lunch Program. With this program, of the 5 components offered daily (entrée/protein, bread, vegetable, fruit and milk) students are required to choose at a minimum of 3 components as well as at least ½ cup of fruit or vegetables. Students are encouraged to choose all 5 items to provide a balanced meal.
Q: Can I put money on my child’s account with a credit card?
A: Yes, we now have that feature available for parents. Simply log onto www.sendmoneytoschool.com to set up your account. Please note there is a $1 convenience fee to use this service. IMPORTANT: Credit card transactions may take up to 48 hours to post to your child’s account. A money saving tip: save on the fee cost, place money on all of your children’s accounts at the same time rather than individually so you are only assessed one convenience fee.