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District Leadership

A school district is one organization which contains many schools. The role of the District Leadership team is to provide the continuity and communication, to ensure that every student has access to compatible educational opportunities regardless of which school the student attends. The team is also responsible for district-wide operations in areas of facilities, curriculum and instruction, and other administrative functions important to operating a high quality school district.

Administration Building
Portage Public Schools
8107 Mustang Drive
Portage MI 49002

Main District Phone: 269.323.5000
Community Relations and Media Contacts: 269.323.5162

Administrator Department Phone
Ron Herron Assistant Superintendent of Operations 269.323.5182
Michael Pascoe Assistant Superintendent of Instruction 269.323.5161
Karla Colestock Director of Finance 269.323.5186
Mike Huber Director of Curriculum & Professional Development 269.323.5060
Bradley Galin Director of Human Resources 269.323.5174
Jeanine Mattson-Gearhart Director of Special Education 269.323.5010
Dan Vomastek Director Information and Technology Systems 269.323.5113
Michelle Karpinski Community Relations & Enrichment Manager 269.323.5162
Superintendent Mark Bielang Office of the Superintendent 269.323.5148

School Principal Contacts

School Principal Phone
12th Street Elementary Ms. Hartman 269.323.6955
Amberly Elementary Mr. Fuehr 269.323.5955
Angling Elementary Ms. Yankovich 269.323.6055
Central Elementary Mr. Dygert 269.323.6155
Central High Mr. Alburtus 269.323.5255
Central Middle Mr. Hamilton 269.323.5655
Community High Mr. Wagner 269.323.6721
Haverhill Elementary Mr. Zonts 269.323.6255
Lake Center Elementary Ms. Jensenius 269.323.6355
Moorsbridge Elementary Ms. Kirshman 269.323.6455
North Middle Mr. Thomsen 269.323.5755
Northern High Mr. French 269.323.5455
West Middle Mr. Roehm 269.323.5855
Woodland Elementary Ms. Taylor 269.323.6655