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Department Contacts




Daniel J Vomastek Director 269.323.5113
Joan Herson Technology Secretary 269.323.5100
Shane DeRidder Technical Services Coordinator 269.323.5111
Greg Stuart Network Operations Specialist 269.323.5103
Steve Van Dyke Data Center Systems Specialist 269.323.5106
Keith Woolsey End-User Computing Equipment Coordinator 269.323.5107
Corey Brasher Audio/Visual Specialist & Infrastructure Technician 269.323.5132
Jessica Winstanley Technology Integration Specialist 269.323.5105
Paul Murray Technology Integration Specialist 269.323.5108
Jordan Lane Building Technician 269.323.5139
Michael Frey Building Technician 269.323.5134
Diane Gottschalk Building Technician 269.323.5133
Tim Marusek Building Technician 269.323.5135
Jake McDonald Building Technician 269.323.5138
Matt Powell Building Technician 269.323.5137
Kimberly Reynolds Help Desk Lead / Building Technician 269.323.5117
Ryan Miller Academic Data Specialist 269.323.5115

2017 – 2020 Technology Plan (pdf)

Need Support or Have Questions?

Email [email protected] or call 269-323-5102. This customized email address allows your request to be efficiently routed to the appropriate service technician ensuring you receive the most rapid response.