Welcome to the Portage Public Schools Transportation Department

On any given school day the Transportation Department is responsible for getting approximately 5500 students to and from school safely and on time. That is equivalent of moving a small city twice a day! Please review the information on this page and call 269-323-5151 if you have any questions or concerns.

General Information about Bus Routes

  • All times are estimated and are subject to change.
  • All routes listed run Monday through Friday.
  • All routes published are morning general education routes. For special routes please call the transportation office at 269-323-5151.
  • Bus numbers are subject to change.
  • Bus drivers are subject to change.
  • Unused stops are canceled after 3 days of no students.  Parents need to call to resume service.
  • Route times and buses often change during the school year.  If your student does not ride on a regular basis, please call the Transportation Department at 269-323-5151 for current transportation information.
  • Students should be at their assigned stop, ready to board the bus 5 minutes before the scheduled stop time.  Buses cannot wait for tardy students.
  • Some routes with heavy loads may not be able to accommodate additional riders due to bus capacity.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee extra groups will have adequate seating for scout meetings, birthday parties, and etc.
  • We ask that parents help us make sure students ride the buses to which they are assigned.

Thank you for supporting your Transportation Team!

Safe Walking Routes