In-District Student Transfer Program

Portage Public Schools believes in the strength of community created by a neighborhood schools model. Geographical boundaries are established at the district level, and students are enrolled in the school that corresponds to their resident address.

A transfer request to attend a school outside of a student’s attendance boundary is only considered for unusual circumstances and cases of family hardship which make it difficult for the family to attend their assigned school.

Studies show that both academic performance and student behaviors are often adversely impacted by transitions.  Therefore, Portage Public Schools strongly discourages transfers from an existing school unless all other means of resolving issues in the current school have been exhausted.  As Portage Public Schools has a high rate of success when partnering with parents to resolve issues, such transfers are rare.

In-District Transfer Process

  1. Verify that you live in the Portage Public School district by checking attendance boundaries.
  2. Complete our In-District Transfer Application.  Transfer applications for 2nd semester of the current school year have now closed. Families of continuing students should email [email protected] for further information.
  3. If approved:
    • The family will not need to reapply for the duration of time in which the student remains at that school, unless a move or building-level change takes place.
    • The family will be required to coordinate their own transportation.
    • The student will be expected to attend school regularly and on-time.
    • The student will be expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

The school/district reserves the right to take formal action to rescind a student’s transfer due to circumstances such as poor attendance, inappropriate behavior, or declining academic performance.  A parent may also request to rescind a previously approved transfer, which needs to be submitted in writing.  The District needs to approve the request if it is made during the school year.