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Non-Resident Student Transfer Program

Portage Public Schools occasionally allows students who live outside of the Portage Public School District, in another district service by Kalamazoo RESA, to attend school within the district.  If accepted, the District will attempt to place students in the school of their choice.  The District reserves the right to place a student in another school based on availability.

Non-Resident (In-County) Transfer Process

  1. Verify that the district in which you reside is serviced by Kalamazoo RESA.
  2. Complete the 2018/19 Non-Resident Transfer Application.
    • Portage Public Schools is no longer accepting applications for NEW students to begin the 2018/19 SY. If you are a CURRENT family attending a Portage school, but recently moved and would like to continue at your current school, you will be considered for an immediate continuance. Contact [email protected] for assistance.
  3. Contact your resident district to obtain a release to submit to the Instructional Services Office – even if your student has never attended your resident district.
  4. If approved:
    • The family will be required to coordinate their own transportation.
    • The student will be expected to attend school regularly and on-time.
    • The student will be expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct.
    • Per State of Michigan Pupil Accounting Requirements, this process must be completed annually for your student’s continued attendance in the district to be considered.
  5. Please wait until a decision letter is received to complete the online registration process.

The school/district reserves the right to take formal action to rescind a student’s transfer due to circumstances such as poor attendance, inappropriate behavior, or declining academic performance.