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Out of County Student Transfer Program (105c)

Portage Public Schools participates with the State of Michigan Schools of Choice 105c Program and operates under an open enrollment period.  This means the District accepts all students that apply during the enrollment window that qualify under the 105c state program. Families that qualify for 105c include those which reside in any district serviced by one of the following counties: Allegan Area ESA, Barry ISD, Calhoun ISD, Lewis Cass ISD, St. Joseph ISD, or Van Buren ISD. Please note that you may live in one county, but be serviced by another.

Schools of Choice 105c (Out-of-County) Transfer Process

  1. Verify that the district in which you reside is serviced by a contiguous ISD/ESA to KRESA
  2. Complete our 2017/18 Non-Resident Transfer Application during an open enrollment window
  3. A release from the resident district is NOT required so long as the application is submitted during the open enrollment window.
  4. If approved;
    • The placement will be considered permanent through graduation. Therefore, on the initial application you will be required to indicate which building pathway you’d like your student to follow while in Portage (selecting the Elementary, Middle, and High School you’d like your student to attend).
    • The student will be expected to attend school regularly and on-time
    • The student will be expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct.
  1. If the student has an IEP or develops the need for an IEP once attending a cooperative agreement must be on file with the district of residence regarding the services and associated costs. Unfortunately, if an agreement cannot be made between the two districts, the student will be expected to attend/return to the district of residence.

If your residence qualifies your student for a 105c transfer, but you miss the open enrollment window, you must follow the standard Non-Resident Transfer Process [link] above and reapply for a 105c Transfer during the next available open enrollment window.