Safety Patrol Advisers:

Mrs. Wright and Ms. Moroz

Our Safety Patrol is made up of 5th grade students. They are responsible for helping to keep our students safe at school. There are Indoor Safeties, Outdoor Safeties, and Kindergarten Safeties. We have so many students that want to be a safety, over 50, that they work on an every other week (A/B) schedule. Indoor Safeties stand their posts inside the building and remind students to move safely through the halls. They also help answer questions and direct students to adults for help.

Outdoor Safeties safely move students across streets, and help remind other students to walk and ride safely to and from school. These Safeties are at their posts even if it’s raining or snowing! Outdoor Safeties do not work in thunderstorms or when there is lightening.

Kindergarten Safeties are responsible for helping the kindergartners get ready for their time at school and to help them prepare to go home. Putting up/down chairs, passing out supplies, and helping children in and out of jackets, etc. are parts of the duties of these fifth graders.

These 5th grade students are all doing a great job of following our school rules and helping others to do the same.