Fall Sports

M/W Cross Country, Matt Kolozieczyk [email protected]

Women’s Golf, Chris Andrews

Football, Kurt Twichell  [email protected]

Sideline Cheer, Rachel Prowse [email protected]

Men’s Soccer, Justin Rhodes [email protected] and website

Women’s Swimming, Ty Parker [email protected]

Men’s Tennis, Diana Smith [email protected]

Volleyball, Erin Onken [email protected] and website

Winter Sports

Alpine Skiing, Linda Kozacki [email protected] website

Bowling, Michael Schneider [email protected]

Men’s Basketball, Ben Neal [email protected]

Women’s Basketball, Randy Grubius [email protected]

Competitive Cheer, Rachel Prowse [email protected]

Hockey, Robert Sorge [email protected] website

Men’s Swimming, Ty Parker [email protected]

Wrestling, Chris Furlong [email protected]

Spring Sports

Baseball, Chris Andrews [email protected] and website

Men’s Golf, Ed Culp [email protected] and website

Men’s Lacrosse, JD Kalleward [email protected]

Women’s Lacrosse, Kate Twichell [email protected]

Women’s Soccer, Justin Rhodes [email protected] and website

Softball, Ed Bowe [email protected] and website

Women’s Tennis, Diana Smith [email protected]

M/W Track & Field, Ryan Johnson [email protected]

Women’s Water Polo, Jim Schafer [email protected]