Counseling Department

Counselor Assignments & Contact Information

Counseling assignments are identified by students’ last name:

A-D Mrs Shari Smith – [email protected] – 323-5527

E-K Mrs Krista Hovestadt (Co-Department Chair) – [email protected] – 323-5420

L-Ri Ms Amy DiMaggio – [email protected] – 323-5472

Rj-Z Mrs Cindy Figueroa (Co-Department Chair) – [email protected] – 323-5424

Support Staff:

Stacey Hunter, Admin Assistant – [email protected] – 323-5475

Kim Loiselle, Admin Assistant – [email protected] – 323-5464

Counseling office fax machine 323-5550

Office Hours

7:00 am to 3:30 pm. To schedule an appointment with a counselor or an appointment to enroll, please call Stacey Hunter at 323-5475.

Financial Aid Night

In the past, PN has partnered with local college financial aid representatives to host a Financial Aid Night presentation in October. Due to COVID, this year’s event has been cancelled but we hope to reschedule soon.  In the meantime, here are some helpful resources.

  • FAFSA forms are available for online completion.
  • KVCC offers FAFSA nights on Tuesday evenings to help families complete the FAFSA. Students do NOT need to apply to KVCC to take advantage of this service. Please contact KVCC’s financial aid office for more information and to schedule an appointment to attend.  Their phone number is 269.488.4340.
  • Check out this great resource to learn about 7 things you need to know before completing the FAFSA form.
  • Viewing last year’s Financial Aid Night presentation might be helpful.

Transcript Requests

If you are a former PNHS graduate, the PPS website has complete instructions to request transcripts.

Current students who have transcript questions or need to send a transcript can email [email protected] with any questions but will need to make the request from Parchment as outlined here. Student’s first semester transcripts (unofficial) can be found in their Skyward Portfolio (tab is on the left side of the student’s Skyward page).

If you need a transcript for college or scholarship applications, here is a link directly to the Parchment site. To apply to all in-state colleges, students must request their PN transcript thru Parchment. Out-of-state transcript requests can be requested via email to [email protected]

Request my transcript

Click here for a great student “Tool Kit” from Parchment.

A Note to Parents

The counselors would like to remind parents and students that we are here to advocate for the students and their needs. We would like to encourage parents to:

1. Contact the individual teachers first with concerns about assignments, grades or student progress.

2. Ask teachers for specific feedback and to offer specific recommendations/suggestions for improving academic achievement in their classes.

3. Contact counselors if grade concerns are not resolved.

4. Seek additional help from teachers before or after school.

5. Consult teachers to make appointments.

Career and College Exploration

Xello is a free, web based program for students interested in exploring career and college options.  Students are able to complete interactive career, personality, and learning style assessments to help them better understand their unique interests, skills, and strengths. Each assessment encourages reflection, helping students connect who they are with relevant career options.

Students are able to explore hundreds of career and college options that align with their assessment results. Engaging content, rich photography, and real-world interviews provide an authentic glimpse into their future and the critical knowledge to make informed decisions and plansStudents can then translate their newfound knowledge into an actionable roadmap by piecing together their saved career and academic options to create a personalized plan. 

With integrated lessons, students build essential skills and knowledge that can help them succeed in the real world. Personalized based on their work in Xello, lessons give students the chance to reflect, reassess, and build communication, problem solving, and teamwork skills to ensure smooth transitions between critical life stages.

Student accounts are set up and ready to go.  Student login and passwords are preset. Go to Xello and use the following information to log in.

Login: PPSD-studentfirst.lastname  ( up to 15 characters after the – )

Password: student’s school ID number

If you have trouble logging into your Xello account, please contact your counselor.