Counseling Department

Counselor Assignments & Contact Information

Counseling assignments are identified by students’ last name:

A-D     Mrs Shari Smith – [email protected]ps.org – 323-5527

E-K     Mrs Krista Hovestadt – [email protected] – 323-5420

L-Ri    Ms Amy DiMaggio (Director) – [email protected] – 323-5472

Rj-Z    Mrs Cindy Figueroa – [email protected] – 323-5424

Support Staff:

Julie Clark, Admin Assistant – [email protected] – 323-5475

Deb Beverly, Admin Assistant – [email protected] – 323-5464

Counseling office fax machine 323-5550

Office Hours

7:00 am to 3:30 pm. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, please call Julie Clark at 323-5475.  Counselors will be in departmental meetings every Tuesday from 1:00 until 2:00 pm to meet as a Professional Learning Community. Enrollment is by appointment only.  Please call Julie Clark at 323-5475 to make an appointment to enroll.

College Board & Khan Academy Presentation, March 2018

Amy DiMaggio presented information on College Board score interpretation, individual test preparation, etc on March 7, 2018.  If you missed it, here is the handout.

Seniors’ Financial Aid Presentation, Dec 2017

Our counselors presented details information to our seniors regarding the Financial Aid process.  Here is the presentation – we encourage parents to go over it with their student.

September Class Presentations, Sept 2017

Our counselors give detailed presentations to each grade during their English classes in early September.  We encourage parents to look these over and discuss these presentations with their student(s):

Seniors were presented with specific info on the college application process and standardized testing.

Juniors received info on the MME/SAT and PSAT.

Sophomores and Freshmen were presented with info and tips to build a successful high school career.

Class Newsletters, Sept 2017

The fall class newsletters are very valuable to parents and students alike, giving you a great idea of what’s coming ahead this year.

Class of 2021 Freshmen

Class of 2020 Sophomores

Class of 2019 Juniors

Class of 2018 Seniors

Financial Aid Night, Oct 2017

This annual event was held Monday, October 9, 2017.  Not able to attend?  Here is the presentation.

A Note to Parents  

The counselors would like to remind parents and students that we are here to advocate for the students and their needs.  We would like to encourage parents to:

1.  Contact the individual teachers first with concerns about assignments, grades or student progress.

2.  Ask teachers for specific feedback and to offer specific recommendations/suggestions for improving academic achievement in their classes.

3.  Contact counselors if grade concerns are not resolved.

4.  Seek additional help from teachers before or after school.

5.  Consult teachers to make appointments.

6.  Utilize the free “drop-in” tutoring service provided by NHS.

7.  Contact counselors if/when questions arise.

Career Cruising Website  

The Career Cruising website is for students interested in exploring career choices for life after high school.  This free site allows students to take a short interest inventory that aligns them with individualized career options to consider, as well as military careers and vocational studies.  Students were introduced to this site briefly during counselor presentations in English classes earlier this year.  Also, the Health/Freshman Focus classes began using this site as a part of their course curriculum last year.  Students log in using their Skyward user name and password to create their account. Visit the Career Cruising site here.

Transcript Requests  

If you need a transcript for college or scholarship applications, here is a link directly to the Parchment site. To apply to all in-state colleges, students must request their PN transcript thru Parchment. Out-of-state transcript requests are handled within the Counseling office. Click here for a great student “Tool Kit” from Parchment.

                Request my transcript