Tutoring Services and Intervention

Students are encouraged to seek additional academic help and support.  Please discuss academic concerns with the classroom teacher as soon as problems arise. Be sure to seek help from the teacher before or after school.

Please discuss academic concerns with the classroom teacher or your students’ counselor as soon as problems arise. We’re here to help!

This additional program is in place to help students:

Directed Learning Room/Seminar

The Directed Learning Room (DLR) is designed to help students who are failing or are in danger of failing classes required for graduation. The DLR is staffed with certified teachers who help students make up late work, assessments, and projects. The DLR also provides supplemental instruction and tutoring for those who need extra help understanding the concepts they are being taught in the classroom. Technology, textbooks, and other educational resources are available to those who are assigned to the program. Students also receive extra guidance with organizational and study skills in order to incorporate a system of ownership for their own learning. The program operates every school day.

Questions and Concerns can be directed to Brett McNeal or Ryan Ledlow.