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It is imperative that all student absences be verified by a parent!  See Handbook for details.

9th & 11th  grade – Classes of 2019 and 2021

Mrs. Trace Clemens 323-5471

Located in the grade office, 3rd floor

10th & 12th grade – Classes of 2018 and 2020

Mrs. Samantha Mein 323-5562

Located in the grade office, Lower Level Commons

Here are the most common attendance situations and how to handle them:

  • Student arriving late?  Call their grade office or send a note.  Your student should report to their grade office when they arrive to get a pass in order to be excused from missed class time.
  • Student needs to leave for an appointment?  Call their grade office with plenty of warning (in the morning or even the day before) or send a note with them in the morning.  Your student must go to their grade office for a pass in the morning in order to be excused from class at the appropriate time and then can meet you out front.  While students may NOT leave the building without said pass, with it, parents do not need to come in to the building to sign out their student. If you arrive at the building to pick up your student without prior notice, the process of getting them from class and signed out may make you late for your appointment.  Plan ahead!!
  • Student needs to leave early due to illness?  They MUST go to the grade office so their attendance secretary can speak with a parent in order for them to leave.  Students may not simply text home and then leave.