PPS Community Service Requirement

State Benchmark 6.2.7: Participate in a service-learning project, reflect upon experiences, and evaluate the value of the experience to the American ideal of participation.

In order to meet this state benchmark, our freshmen are required to complete a community service event each semester. They may not volunteer for family (including extended family) or be paid for service. This is includes fundraisers for sports teams/organizations in which they participate. Some qualifying examples are performing work for neighbors, religious organizations, outside agencies and organizations, etc.

Students are required to document their service including a signature from a supervisor on the provided form. These should be completed and turned in to a student’s Social Studies teacher prior to the end of each semester.

Our Social Studies Department has also put together a great flyer with ideas, tips and resources. This is distributed in class at the beginning of the semester.

Often community groups will send us volunteer opportunities, some directly to our Modern American History teachers who post opportunities in their classrooms, and some come directly to our offices. Those will be posted here and students will be directed to check as needed. To have a volunteer opportunity posted here, please email Brenda Marsh.

September, 2020: Stay tuned as we develop what this will look like this school year.

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