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These links are just a few of the many resources available to students
Passwords are available in the Home Reference Guide distributed to all students at the beginning of the year.  Copies are available in the Media Center.

Grolier has 3 encyclopedias and 2 other reference sources available for your use.  Password required.

Magazines and Newspapers
SIRS Researcher, Student Resource Center and E Library are available for you to use at home.  Passwords required.

Multiple Resource Databases
Student Resource Center is a great resource that contains information from reference books, periodicals and reliable websites.
Nettrekker is a collection of educator-approved websites. Passwords required.
The Library of Michigan provides listings at the Michigan Electronic Library (MEL). They also provide access to a number of databases but you will need your Portage Library ID or your parent’s permission and driver’s license number to log in. Click here to log in.

Other Online Reference Sources
The Portage District Library has many sources for you to use–follow the links to Article Search.

Homework Help
Need help with your homework? Try HomeworkSpot.com.
Need examples of citations for your bibliography?  Try the Purdue OWL

The Slate Citation Machine will help you format the citation.

Math Homework Help
This site includes examples and steps for grade 6 expressions, operations, fractions and more. Also includes pre-algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2 and geometry concepts. Tutorials are included for extra help. Good for students and parents.

Purple Math – Your Algebra Resource
This web site is one to share with students and parents. There is a search box at the bottom of the home page to type in what topic you are looking to review. You will also have several options of pages to choose from.

Quia – Decimal, Percent and Fraction Game
The site includes a fun game of concentration to review converting fractions, decimals and percents. Student site.

Create A Graph

Cool Math 4 Kids
Good web site for kids to get practice on Algebra, and basic facts. Has cool games and other fun stuff.

Algebra Help
A good web site for practice and reviewing Algebra concepts. Has lessons, worksheets, practice, and even several types of calculators (even some were you can type in an expression and it will simplify it.)

Purple Math – Practical Algebra Lessons
This site has a lot of topics on it with good explanations (sometimes a bit wordy) but would be really good for parents and students who are looking for more explanation and practice.

Great site for parents, teachers, and students. Good review, practice, calculators, and lots of tools to use to help students.

The Math Page
This site has a lot of the Algebra topics that we cover in Math 8. It also has practice problems that you run the mouse over to check the answer. Great for kids who need more practice on math topics at home.
Includes “Skill in Arithmetic” and “Skill in Algebra” advertised as a complete course and Trigonometry “from the beginning.”

About The Numbers In Today’s Date
Do you have a 6th grade Number Project due?

ask Dr. Math

Problems of the Week
Middle School Math Problem of the Week
UMASS Problem of the Week
Problem of the Week Contest

Just for Fun

Math in History
Mayan Math
The Mayan Astronomy Page

Math in English
Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Math in Art
Symmetry and Pattern -The Art of Oriental Carpets

Social Studies
The MesoAmerican Ball Game
Ten By Ten

Teacher Links
Free Online Graph Paper

Games and Puzzle Links
American Mensa

Home and School Connection – Featuring a Bully-Bystander article

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