Student Services


At Portage North Middle School, our goal is to provide support to our students to insure maximum academic, social-emotional and behavioral growth.

The Michigan State Board of Education Positive Behavior Support Policy (adopted September 12, 2006) states that: An effective behavior support system is a proactive, positive, skill-building approach for the teaching and learning of successful student behavior. Positive behavior support systems ensure effective strategies that promote pro-social behavior and respectful learning environments.

It also states that: A positive behavior support policy incorporates the demonstration and teaching [and RE-teaching] of positive, proactive social behaviors throughout the school environment. A positive behavior support system is a data-based effort that concentrates on adjusting the system that supports the student. Such a system is implemented by collaborative, school-based TEAMS using person-centered planning. School-wide expectations for behavior are clearly stated, widely promoted, and frequently referenced. Both individual and school-wide learning and behavior problems are assessed comprehensively. Functional assessment of learning and behavior challenges is linked to an intervention that focuses on skill-building.

This policy provides direction for how we support students at Portage North Middle School, and provides the foundation for, “The Jr. Huskie Way: Respect, Responsibility, and [positive] Relationships. The following staff members have been assigned to support these needs:


Services include, but are not limited to: Student academic and emotional “counseling,” academic placement, referral to outside agencies when appropriate, ELPA, 504 oversight, testing oversight, coordination of support programs.

Jessie Bierlein, School Counselor, 323-5755   [email protected]
Alysia Lehmann, School Counselor, 323-5756   [email protected]

Deb Shemberger, Counseling Secretary, 323-5777


Molly Hamman, PPS Behavior Specialist – [email protected]