Here are some easy ways to financially support our school:

Harding’s eScrip Community Card

Just show your card at Hardings when making purchases and PNMS gets FREE money!!              

  • Visit your local Hardings or contact a PTSO member to get your card.
  • Once you receive and activate the card, every time you use the card at Harding’s Markets, they will contribute up to 4% of the monthly purchase amounts.
  • Call (800) 931-6258 to register your new Harding’s eScrip Community Card.
  • The number associate with PNMS is 11071

    Hardings Contributions
  • 1% On Monthly Purchases Between $0-$299
    2% On Monthly Purchases Between $300-$599
    4% On Monthly Purchases Between $600-$2,000
  • Visit Harding’s website to register or for more information.

Campbells Labels for Education

  • Clip labels from Campbell Products because they are worth points which are exchanged for FREE merchandise such as computers, software, physical education equipment, musical instruments and library books.
  • You no longer need to clip the entire label – just the Campbell Kid/Labels for Education logo and UPC code.   Make sure the ENTIRE UPC CODE is visible.
  • Below are some examples of eligible products.  For a complete listing, visit their website.
  • Put labels in designated box in school office. 

Prego Italian Sauces
Pepperidge Farm Soups
Campbell’s Chunky Soups
Campbell’s Chunky Chili
Campbell’s Chunky Fully Loaded Soups
Campbell’s Chunky Chili (microwavable bowls)
Campbell’s Beans Products
Campbell’s Kitchen Classic Soups
Campbell’s Tomato Juices
Campbell’s Gravies
Campbell’s Soup & Recipe Mix
Campbell’s Select Harvest
Campbell’s Tomato Juice
Swanson Broth
All V8 Splash Juice Drinks
All V8 Splash Smoothies

Box Tops for Education

  • Clip Box Tops from hundreds of General Mills products and partnering brands, like Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Hefty, Juicy Juice, Ziploc, Kleenex, etc.
  • Clip the dotted line around the coupon – Make sure the entire coupon is visible.
  • For a complete listing of eligible products, visit their website.
  • Put labels in designated box in school office.