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Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Thomsen, Travis Principal [email protected] 323.5700
Medd, Craig Assistant Principal [email protected] 323.5700

Administrative Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Newhouse, Pam Secretary [email protected] 323.5763
Shemberger, Deb Secretary [email protected] 323.5777
Smith, Renee Secretary [email protected] 323.5759

Student Services

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Bakos, Jennie Speech Therapist  [email protected] 323.5478
Bierlein, Jessie Counselor [email protected] 323.5775
Fischer, Amanda School Psychologist [email protected] 323.5038
Lehmann, Alysia Counselor [email protected] 323.5738
VandeKoppel, Molly Behavioral Consultant [email protected] 323.5018

Media Center

Name                        Title Email Address                       Phone Number
Taylor, Julie Media Clerk [email protected] 323.5785

Support Staff

Name Title Email Address Phone Number
Cook, Amy Food Service [email protected] 323.5791
Cook Kordupel, Luanne Para Pro [email protected] 323.5707
Franklin, Rondall Custodian Hall supervisor [email protected] 323.5793
Foulkes, Sean Hall supervisor [email protected]
Hall, Lisa Food Service [email protected] 323.5791
Korista, Angela ELL Tutor [email protected] 323.5781
Krawczyk, Theresa Food Service [email protected] 323.5791
McGraw, Marcia Para Pro [email protected] 323.5723
Powell, Matt Computer Technician [email protected] 323.5137
Pyle, Scott Head Custodian [email protected] 323.5793
Rabe, Kristi Para Pro [email protected] 323.5710
Upton, Kortnei Food Service [email protected] 323.5791
VanderWeele, Gary Hall supervisor [email protected] 323.5729
Van Winkle, Joell Food Service [email protected] 323.5791
Werkman, Sara Para Pro [email protected] 323.5710


Name Class Email Address Phone Number
Blackman, Andy 6th and 8th Grade Science [email protected] 323.5728
Bonner, Jennifer 6th and 8th Grade Math [email protected] 323.5723
Brow, Terra Special Education [email protected]  323.5737
Buchinger-Aldrich, Lisa 7th & 8th Grade Spanish [email protected] 323.5705
Dalecki, Becky 6th and 7th Grade ELA [email protected] 323.5718
DeNooyer, Katie MTSS Coordinator [email protected] 323.5711
Elsholz, Sonja ELA [email protected] 323.5726
Greeley, Amy Art [email protected] 323.5713
Hamet, Amy Physical Education [email protected] 323.5724
Hassing, Jamie French [email protected] 323.5512
Heywood, Tara Social Studies [email protected] 323.5722
Holso, Melissa Band [email protected] 323.5714
Howrigon, Trisha 6th and 7th Grade Math [email protected] 323.5717
Johnson, Bryan Math [email protected] 323.5716
Jordan, Robert Choir [email protected] 323.5742
Kaylor, Ahren Physical Education and Science [email protected] 323.5745
Kennedy, Tim 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies [email protected] 323.5736
Kuipers, Melissa ELA [email protected] 323.5701
Lahaie, Nikole Physical Education [email protected] 323.5743
Mandrick, Dave ELA and Social Studies [email protected]  323.5824
Mascorro, Marcella Special Education MM[email protected] 323.5710
McCarthy, Matt Special Education & Athletic Director [email protected] 323.5709
McMichael, Corey Social Studies, ELA, and Computers [email protected] 323.5768
Panzica, Gina FACS [email protected] 323.5712
Parcells, Patricia Special Education PP[email protected]  323.5708
Shanafelt, Jason Math [email protected] 323.5766
Smith, Kate Special Education [email protected] 323.5730
Swanson, Matt Woodshop, Tech Ed [email protected] 323.5727
Toth, Johanna English [email protected] 323.5734
Traver, Heidi Science and Computers [email protected]tageps.org 323.5778
VanderKolk-Rine, Nicole Spanish & ELA [email protected] 323.5733
Wagner, Stephanie 6th Grade Science [email protected] 323.5731