Skyward Access User Agreement

The Skyward Family Access site is governed by the PPS Acceptable Use Agreement. In addition to the main agreement, the items listed below serve as a fully enacted and enforceable extension to the aforementioned agreement. Be aware that your use of this site implies that you have read AND agree to ALL of the terms included in the main agreement, in addition to the ones listed below.

  • Your access ID’s and passwords are for your use only. Do not share them with other parents, etc.
  • Your students also have their own ID’s and passwords – do not share your account with them.
  • Abuse of this site may result in the loss of access privileges. Abuse may include (but is not limited to): attempting to bypass site security, sharing access ID’s and passwords with unauthorized users, and/or distributing information obtained on this site in such a manner as to detract from Portage Public Schools’ reputation and/or interfere with its normal operation.
  • Automated E-mail notifications are provided for your convenience only and they are not intended to serve as the primary tool for monitoring student attendance and/or progress. Portage Public Schools does not make any guarantee or warrantee, neither expressed nor implied, as to the accuracy or timeliness of the information contained within this system. Information retrieved via the web-site or via automated E-mails should be regarded as non-official and non-binding in nature. Any specific questions, concerns, or information requests related to academic performance as related to eligibility, scholarships, class ranks, college entrance, et. all, should be referred to the appropriate building staff directly (i.e. a teacher, guidance counselor, or administrator).