Voluntary Student Accident Insurance

During the school year the Portage Board of Education makes available a voluntary student accident insurance program.  Since the District has made this insurance available, an increasing number of parents/guardians have been taking advantage of this inexpensive policy.  This fact dictates that as a community service, we will continue to offer this voluntary insurance.

The District offers this program because of trends in rising family health and dental insurance costs, increased deductibles, and co-payments.  Furthermore, in an attempt to limit the Districts’ rising insurance costs, this program provides an alternative for claims due to accidental injuries that unfortunately occur on our property.  This is the case for both during and after school hours.

Plan information and the enrollment forms are available and respond to diverse family insurance needs.  Coverage provided can help decrease the burden of unexpected medical and dental expenses, including those left unpaid due to family insurance deductibles and co-payments.

As it relates to middle and high school interscholastic athletics, this voluntary insurance plan also provides coverage for all sports except grades 9 through 12 tackle football.  In that the District requires athletic insurance, you should consider this policy for the coverage it will provide you and your child.  A separate policy for high school interscholastic football is also made available before practice begins in August.

A link is provided on the District’s home page under the parent tab, or go directly to www.1stAgency.com.  Go to “Find Your School”; select the state; hit “Go”.  Select Portage Public Schools.  From there you can download and print the brochure/enrollment form PDF and enroll via the mail with a check or money order, OR enroll online with a credit card.