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First Semester Exam Schedule – MODIFIED due to Cold Weather Day Jan 21


No School due to weather


7:40am – 9:40am 1st  Period, and 9:50am – 11:50am  2nd Period


7:40am – 9:40am 3rd  Period, and 9:50am – 11:50am  4th Period


7:40am – 9:40am 5th Period

After 5th period exam session, students may leave the building, work with a teacher on exam makeup, or if they need to wait for the bus at 11:05, they may work quietly in the Lower Commons.

All buses will run on normal half-day schedule, leaving PNHS at 11:05am.



        MONDAY, JANUARY 28

7:40am – 9:40am 6th  Period, and 9:50am – 11:50am  7th Period

Dismissal at 11:50 with neighborhood/zone buses.


During exam week, if students need to take a bus home on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, neighborhood buses will leave at 12:10pm.  These buses are not the regular routes nor numbers but these revised routes can be found on the main office window or you can view them here.  Thursday’s buses will follow regular numbers and routes as it’s a district-wide half day – those buses will leave at the regular half-day time of 11:05am.

Jan 22-24 and Jan 28, the Huskie Cafe will serve breakfast as usual, and Jan 22, 23 and 28 they will serve ‘grab-n-go’ type lunch (salads, pizza, deli) from 11:55 to 12:30.

If your student must leave a session early for a unavoidable conflict, this must be arranged with their Grade Office prior to 7:25am.  In order to protect the testing environment, students will not be allowed to leave early without a pre-arranged pass and administrative approval.  Students may not leave an exam session if they finish early.

Students who attend EFE, EFA, KAMSC etc., should follow their home school schedule.

Seminar classes do NOT meet during exam week.   Students should report to the Lower Commons during these times if they are unable to leave campus.

SHUTTLE BUS AND VAN between Northern and Central

Jan 22-24 and Jan 28 BUS shuttle @ 7:20 —  VAN shuttle @ 9:30 — BUS shuttle @ 12, Neighborhood Buses depart @ 12:10

Shuttle Buses for EFE/EFA, run as scheduled until students notify the driver that they will no longer need the service.

Shuttle Buses for KAMSC run as normally scheduled.

You’re invited to a Community Dialogue!


If your student needs to arrive late, leave early, is going to be away from school for just a few minutes or will be gone all day, thanks for keeping us in the loop.  You may either call your attendance office OR send a note with your student.

9th+11th grades, Mrs Fern: 323-5562

10th+12th grades, Mrs Clemens: 323-5471

For more details and FAQs about attendance, visit our Attendance page or our Student Handbook.

Huskie Stadium Legacy Bricks

Have you seen the personalized legacy bricks at Huskie Field and Huskie Stadium?  You can still purchase your own brick for installation at either location.  New bricks ordered will be installed in the spring or fall following the order deadline for that season’s installation.   The next installation available is spring of 2019 and those bricks can be ordered at pnbricksale.com.

Stay in the Huskie Loop!

If you’re a parent or student who likes to know what’s going on around here, you’ll want to opt-in to receive our daily announcements.  You’ll get the same information that is presented daily in the building, delivered right to your inbox every morning.  Just click on this link: portageps.org/parents/email or contact Brenda Marsh.

Are you on Facebook?  Did you know we have our own Page where you can get updates, news etc right in your news feed?  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @PortageNorthern.


If a student has been added to the roster of a sports team, musical cast/crew or other activity, there may be Pay-to-Participate fees that are due.  View the Pay-to-Participate information and worksheet for complete details.  Additionally, here are instructions to pay athletic or activity fees via Skyward.

Lunch Money

If you’d like to see our daily menus, nutritional information or add money to your student’s account, visit the PPS Food Services page.

Skyward Family Access

Here is a direct link to Skyward Family Access.

Students login with their firstname. lastname that matches their PPS email and their network password.  If your student does not know or does not remember their password, they can check in at their grade office or see Brenda Marsh in the 3rd floor offices.

Parents, if you don’t know your password, here are easy instructions to reset:

1. Make sure your email is on file and up to date with your school.  This should have been included with your enrollment information.

2. Navigate to skyward.portageps.org to access the log in screen.

3. Click on the “Forgot Password” link, which is just underneath the ‘Sign In’ button.

4. Enter the email you have on file with your school and click “submit”.

​5. You will receive a link in your email inbox with a Login ID and instructions to reset your password.

If you have other questions about Skyward, please contact Brenda Marsh by email or call 323-5466.

Upcoming Events

3rd hour Exam

January 23 @ 7:40 am - 9:40 am

4th hour Exam

January 23 @ 9:50 am - 11:50 am

Community Dialogue for Elementary Facilities

January 23 @ 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

5th hour Exam

January 24 @ 7:40 am - 9:40 am

Half Day Dismissal

January 24 @ 10:55 am

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