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Welcome to Portage Northern High School

Senior Dates and Details

May 23-25:  Senior exams and signout.  Starting Wednesday, Seniors will follow their regular class schedule and while in each class, the senior will take their final exam, turn in all required books, materials, etc. to their teacher,  and have the teacher sign their Senior Sign Out form. This signature states that the senior is totally done with that CLASS and is not to return.  Repeat these steps in EACH class until the senior has all the necessary signatures.  Once the senior obtains ALL the necessary signatures, they take their Senior Sign Out form to the First Floor Office.  If everything is in order, Mr. Ledlow will sign and then the senior is no longer a ‘senior’.  They are ready for Friday June 1 graduation ceremonies.  This procedure can take up to 3 days to complete.  The senior must continue to attend each class until they have obtained that teacher’s signature.  If a senior has any Off-Campus or on-line classes, they should have received an OFF-CAMPUS SIGN OUT form.  They can go to the Counseling Office if they need one.

Wednesday May 30:  DEADLINE​ to pay any outstanding debts,​ fines/ fees, as well as charges for lost or damaged books and materials. Students with outstanding charges will NOT have the privilege to participate in the graduation ceremony on June 1st and will not receive a diploma until all debt is paid.  Students will be notified by mail if payment is due. Contact Samantha Mein, 323-5562, or the 1st floor office, to make payment.

June 1, 6pm:  Graduates report to Shaw Theater, next to Miller Auditorium  (plan for very heavy traffic!)  Cap+gown and dress attire are required:  Men -​ dress slacks​, dress shoes and dress shirt​.  Women – dress shoes, dress or skirt/slacks and blouse.  Do not​ bring purses, coats or valuables to Shaw. Secure storage is unavailable.

June 1, 7pm: ​ Commencement begins​! The ceremony will last ~90 minutes.

June 1, ~9:45pm:  Grad Bash​ attendees will be leaving for Grad Bash directly from Miller Auditorium. After the graduation ceremony, Graduates will change into appropriate clothing for Grad Bash, meet at the circular entrance at the front doors of Miller between 9:45-10pm to begin boarding transportation to the event.

June 2, 5am:  Grad Bash​ Buses return​ graduates to Miller Auditorium parking lot at approximately 5:00am. If you have any questions, please call: Leslie
Nowaczyk (269-720-0322) or Karen Hecht (269-491-1904).

Huskie Stadium Grand Opening!

Save the Date – August 24, 2018 – this is a night you won’t want to miss!  It’s so exciting to see 52 years of history in the making as we prepare to open Portage Northern’s own Huskie Stadium!! Join us as we continue the legacy of Huskie spirit and build new traditions as well!

overhead view of stadium

Huskies Stadium progress shot taken May 5, 2018

We invite the entire community to share in the fun, featuring:

5:30pm:  Food trucks available, gates to the Stadium open, Football Alumni and Band Alumni tents open

6:30pm  PN Cheerleaders will lead some welcome activities

6:45pm  Marching band begins their parade march into their new home accompanied by our Cheer Team

7:00pm  Opening ceremonies, including ribbon cutting, game ball run-in, PN Songleaders performing the National Anthem with a military flyover

7:30pm  Kickoff versus Loy Norrix

Halftime will feature alumni football coaches and athletic director introductions, video of construction timeline, interviews, marching band performance, raffle prizes, 50/50 drawings, etc.  Post-game includes the presentation of our brand new Alma Mater, written and composed specifically for the new stadium.

You can leave a lasting legacy on our new athletic campus by purchasing a personalized paver brick for installation at either Huskie Field or Huskie Stadium.  New bricks ordered will be installed in the spring or fall following the order deadline for that season’s installation.   The next installation available is spring of 2019 and those bricks can be ordered at pnbricksale.com.

Senior Calendar

The days, they are a’flying past!  Just days until graduation and so many senior-centric events coming up.  The Senior Calendar was mailed to all families with a senior, but here it is, just in case.


If your student needs to arrive late, leave early, is going to be away from school for just a few minutes or will be gone all day, thanks for keeping us in the loop.

10th+12th grades, Mrs Mein: 323-5562

9th+11th grades, Mrs Clemens: 323-5471

For more details and FAQs about attendance, visit our Attendance page or our Student Handbook.

Stay in the Huskie Loop!

If you’re a parent or student who likes to know what’s going on around here, you’ll want to opt-in to receive our daily announcements.  You’ll get the same information that is presented daily in the building, delivered right to your inbox every morning, plus other important notifications like when the Huskie Tracks is ready (around the first of every month).   News will come right to you, ‘hot off the press’, into your e-mailbox.  Just click on this link:  portageps.org/parents/email or contact Brenda Marsh.

Are you on Facebook?  Did you know we have our own Page where you can get updates, news etc right in your news feed?  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @PortageNorthern.


If a student has been added to the roster of a sports team, musical cast/crew or other activity, there may be Pay-to-Participate fees that are due.  View the Pay-to-Participate information and worksheet for complete details.  Additionally, here are instructions to pay athletic or activity fees via Skyward.

Lunch Money

If you’d like to see our daily menus, nutritional information or add money to your student’s account, visit the PPS Food Services page.

Skyward Family Access

Here is a direct link to Skyward Family Access.

Students login with their firstname. lastname that matches their PPS email and their network password.  If your student does not know or does not remember their password, they can check in at their grade office or see Brenda Marsh in the 3rd floor offices.

Parents, if you don’t know your password, here are easy instructions to reset:

1. Make sure your email is on file and up to date with your school.  This should have been included with your enrollment information.

2. Navigate to skyward.portageps.org to access the log in screen.

3. Click on the “Forgot Password” link, which is just underneath the ‘Sign In’ button.

4. Enter the email you have on file with your school and click “submit”.

​5. You will receive a link in your email inbox with a Login ID and instructions to reset your password.

If you have other questions about Skyward, please contact Brenda Marsh by email or call 323-5466.

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