Welcome to North Middle School


At North Middle School, we recognize individual student needs and work hard to provide a safe, caring, inclusive, and positive environment. NMS is our school of choice!


Since we will not being taking school pictures this year, we are asking the students to provide selfies for the yearbook. Use this LINK to provide your students selfie. We would love to get the pictures by Jan. 8.

Are you in need of internet access?

There are currently two options available to families in need of internet access. Portage Public Schools has ordered hotpots and can be checked out by families. To do this, please contact your school counselor and we can make the request on your behalf. Another option is through the Portage District Library. All PPS students have a library card and hotpots (if available can be checked out). We would recommend calling first to check on availability (269) 329-4544.

Food Assistance

PPS is offering meal pick up at the Northern High School cafeteria and the Central High School cafeteria. All meals are FREE. Pre-ordering of meals will be available through www.sendmoneytoschool.com. Tuesday meal distribution includes two meals with reheating instructions. Thursday meal distribution includes three meals with reheating instructions. Pick-up times are 6:45-9:00 am. If you need assistance with this process, please contact your student’s counselor. Detailed pick-up information is below:

Central High School (enter at the Centre St. entrance and go back to toward the pool and we will be distributing at the end of the sidewalk by the shop entrance).

Northern High School (enter the student lot off of Oregon / Idaho. Go down the hill to the second drive on the left and follow that around the front of the student entrance to the end of the sidewalk).

Student Chromebook Repair Request

Is your Chromebook in need of attention? If so, please fill out the Chromebook repair request form. Please make sure you leave your device with the front office after you fill out the form!

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Incident/Kindness Reporting

Have you witnessed an incident or an act of kindness that you feel should be reported? No time to go to the office to report it? Then our Incident/Kindness reporting site is the place for you.


As part of our anti-bullying policy, students and parents are encouraged to report incidents as part of our 3 step program. Ask them to:

1.Stop doing what they’re doing” and use our school’s stop signal.

2. Then Walk away from the problem behavior.

3. If the behavior doesn’t stop, Talk to an adult.

Computer Use

Signed Acceptable Use Agreement

All students coming into NMS must have a signed Acceptable Use Agreement form for this school before they can use the school’s computers. This means all incoming 6th graders must submit a signed agreement form even if they submitted a form at their elementary school. The PPSNet User Agreement is printed at the back of the Student Handbook for your reference

“Opting Out” Procedure for Computer use & Internet Access

Parents have the option of excluding their child from using computers or having access to the Internet while at school. An “Opting Out” form must be signed and submitted by the parent at the beginning of EACH SCHOOL YEAR – an Opting Out form is only valid for one school year. The District believes, however, that the use of technology is an important and integral part of each child’s education.

Upcoming Events

PTO Meeting

January 18 @ 6:30 pm

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